South City Mourns Diego Galindo, RIP

South San Francisco, CA   September 19, 2014


Diego Galindo Photo by co-worker Martha Alejandra Razo-Sanchez



Customers at Bally’s in South San Francisco said they did not know what was happening in the back of the gym Wednesday evening, the night 43 year old San Bruno resident Diego Galindo was struck from behind with a weight bar . “I was there but this occurred at the back of the gym and people who were at the front had no idea what happened in the back.” Renuka Narayan Sibia writes on our FB page “I didn’t realize it was serious at all until I saw cops coming in as I left. So sad!” Witnesses said things happened so fast no one was able to intervene when a brief confrontation escalated with the suspect Osako using a weight lifting bar to strike Galindo multiple times on the back of the head.

Kenneth Osako was arrested on murder charges and is being held in SMC Jail

Kenneth Osako was arrested on murder charges and is being held in SMC Jail



South San Francisco Paramedics transported Galindo to San Francisco General Hospital and were notified Galindo died of his injuries the following day. The suspect, Kenneth Osako a 47 year old resident and plumber, was arrested the Thursday morning on murder charges and is being held at San Mateo County Jail without bail. SSFPD Report HERE



Galindo’s co-worker at Carniceria Tepa on Linden Avene said ‘Yes unfortunately he was taken from us. He was more than a coworker to us we were all family, he will be missed but never forgotten… may he RIP’. When asked what prompted the confrontation between both men, Razo-Sanchez continued ‘Actually they didn’t even know each other besides that they might of crossed each other at the gym… and it all happened so fast that no one really had a chance to react.’

Diego and his Carniceria Tepa  family Photo: Martha Alejandra Razo-Sanchez

Diego and his Carniceria Tepa family
Photo: Martha Alejandra Razo-Sanchez

Ubaldo Reyes wrote ‘I got there 15 minutes after this supposedly happened. Everyone seemed so calm that I would not believe something like this just went down.’


William Shon II offers a word of calm as many in our city worry the crime trends are becoming more often and more violent. “This is not indicative of a crime wave or problems with the city. It’s not like some random guy went on a rampage, something occurred between these two and that’s where it ended.”


Galindo was well known in the neighborhoods and many offered condolences and expressed their feelings of shock and sadness.


John Cain Latin guy, all I know. I’ve been going there since it open. Never a problem, then today I walk in and cops everywhere! Sad


Lourdes Pulido Rest In peace Diego he was a great happy fun Guy! He is Forever in My Heart!!


Jose JustAnother Duenas Latin guy who worked at the meat shop on Linden ave where the big cow is (Tepa).
I knew him since I was a kid, I saw him at church he would always call me champion.
Diego was his name


Ricardo Ortega Rest In Peace Diego! I’ve Know you since I was a kid! Can’t believe this happened to him.

Giovanni Guiulfo Sr. I hella remember this dude, from Tepa, solid guy!

Daniela Wangerin Trujillo Omg that so sad I can’t believe it’s him. He worked at Tepa this is so shocking it’s just so sad


Chauntel Gregor Oseguera Diego was a great neighborhood guy, he and my husband would talk outside about bikes and soccer, such a nice soul. So sorry for his family as well as the tepa


Norma Lopez Hernandez Diego was always very cheerful. My mom met him many years ago while walking to work in the early morning. He would always walk her to her job to keep her safe. He would always greet us with a warm smile. Thank you Diego for being part of our lives. Heaven just gained an Angel.RIP


Paula A Scroggins-Chen I’ve known Diego for about 10 years, he was such a nice guy, he use to come to the Embassy Suites to pick up his girlfriend, he would always come and say hi to me, he would always ask me to pour him some Johnny Walker Blue and he would smile, knowing we did not carry this scotch at the bar. I’m so very sad to hear about Diego my prayers go out to his family at this time. RIP Diego.


Liz Ashley Wow. So sad! RIP Diego! I met Diego while I was working at blockbuster in SSF. He was such a great person! And saw him around my neighborhood on Linden Ave. He would always knock on my door if I ever overslept during street cleaning!! My prayers to his family and friends.


Stefany Ascencio Omg I can’t believe he got killed he was such a nice person rip im so sad


Jose Valencia Oh no….He was such a nice guy! I would talk to him when he would come work out in the morning. We knew each other from when I used to run a local business but he was such a friendly guy. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.


Karen Acosta Speechless.. Diego was such an amazing person full of joy always had a smile on his face and spoke to everyone ! RIP this is way too sad


Gina Morton Omg! I talked to him a few times at the gym! Sooooo sad! Prayers and condolences to his family!


Viva La Graza Wow, he was always a happy dude. I don’t see him starting a fight or getting suckered into one. Fukin speechless. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.


Jada Villa Omg that so sad And terrible. I’m in shock. I don’t believe it’s him. Very friendly, always happy. He was always at Church. RIP Diego. You are in heaven now.


Yesenia Valadez My heart goes out to everyone who knew him and especially his family. Diego descansa en paz, he was respectful and so friendly…


Sharon Kay Gustilo Meyer You’re right. No words. Horrible, sad, senseless… May he rest in peace and may God keep his most loving embrace around his family and friends during this most difficult time.


Fabian Miranda So Sad I remember this guy from the Tepa Carneceria, glad they caught this idiot. Feel bad for his family!! Que dios te quide!!!


Sirenia Melgoza-Gonzalez So sad. Hard to believe. Always had a great sense of humor..RIP señor Diego.


Omar Gomez He always got my orders gave my meat and I knew him since I was small and also he knew my family and he was a really nice man and cool guy to talk with when you have a chance to RIP


Melissa Quintanilla Rip I knew you ever since I was small it so sad that some crazy person would do this especially to a great guy rip Diego


Chris Varma Rip I used to train him


Astrid Slama Rip Diego


Lisa Fejerang He gets to go home now


Lupe Ruiz Gomez RIP. He was always so friendly. My condolences to his family.


M Isabel Leon Really nice guy. Pobrecito.


Luis Lopez Descansa en paz Diego !! Rest in peace Diego!


Jose Gonzales Que Dios Lo Tenga En Su Santa Gloria. RIP Diego . Prayers To The Friends And Family Of A Great Person. He Always Seemed So Joyful. It’s Such A Horrible Thing To Hear About A Man Who Passed Off As A Great Personality Around The Community End Up Like This.


Iris White Miss you love you!! God my heart hurts!! RIP..

Rewdee Upindacuttz Wth? No effn way this was my buddy, he was a great guy with the biggest sense of humor.. When I had a family problem he would talk to me for hours and cheered me up! May you rest in peace “champion”


Liz Soto This is unbelievable! I would see Diego at the market where he worked every week


Jada Villa Omg that so sad And terrible. I’m in shock. I don’t believe it’s him. Very friendly,

always happy. He was always at Church. RIP Diego. You are in heaven now.


Erika Dueñas So sad, he was always so nice & friendly with a huge smile on his face. RIP


Xunaxi Lopez My condolences to his family. I still can’t believe it. I don’t know why someone would do such a thing to a happy and respectful guy like Diego. He shall be missed may he rest in peace.


Susan Sanchez We know that Diego now rests in God! He was a kind and happy soul! He loved God as he would talk to my husband at length about how God lived in him!
May God give peace to all his loved ones!


Marisa Tamburini Meier Heartbreaking. My sympathy to his loved ones.


Juliana Vazquez-Lara So sad!! He was always super cheerful and was always singing. I don’t understand how employees and other members let it get that far! Are there no cameras, like seriously!?!


Stefany Ascencio So sad my prayers go out to the family such a nice happy guy I’m in shock RIP


Denise Lucia Premenko Rest in peace Diego…May God welcome you with open arms. Prayers and condolences to his family.


Jesus Madrid RIP buddy I always remembered him to be always happy and cheerful. My prayers go out to the family. I’m still in shock and don’t want to believe it.



José A. Pérez He was such a nice guy . He was always happy and the way he talked was unique.


Sergio Jauregui Damn, no way!!!!! I’ve been going to that Bally’s since 2005, wth???? Crazy, nobody stepped in. I knew Diego as well, what in the world happened there?




Please feel free to leave your condolences in our comment space. We will update when we know plans for Diego’s memorial. Our sympathies remain with the Galindo family and with those at Tepa Carneceria. RIP.



Diego Galinda Funteral



11 comments for “South City Mourns Diego Galindo, RIP

  1. Juan Carlos Aguayo
    September 19, 2014 at 4:31 pm

    He was my friend since 10 years ago and I cant believe this happen rip compita Diego

  2. Tepa Customer
    September 19, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    Que Dios grande lo tenga en el cielo y mis mas sentidos pésames a su familia, compañeros de trabajo y amigos. Una persona muy amable, siempre lleno de chistes y alegría. Yo no lo conocía personalmente, pero su alegría y profesionalismo nos atraía a La Tepa. Un trabajador dedicado a su profesión. Actos de personas violentas no tienen razón y son inexplicable. Hay que aprender de el Don Diego Galindo y intentar de seguir sus pasos, aunque tal vez sea dificilísimo porque el Don era único!

    • Editor
      September 19, 2014 at 9:18 pm

      ‘How great God rest in heaven and my deepest condolences to his family, colleagues and friends. A very friendly person, always full of jokes and joy. I did not know him personally, but his joy and professionalism attracted us to The Tepa, where he worked. A worker dedicated to his profession. Acts of violent people are wrong and are inexplicable. We must learn from the Don Diego Galindo and try to follow his footsteps, although it may be very difficult because Don was unique!’
      As Everything South City is an English only site, we are allowing condolences in Diego’s native Spanish as well. For those non-Spanish speakers here is the translation -Ed

  3. September 19, 2014 at 9:35 pm

    Im sorry diego u was mt dancer and so im so sad because of u… u are on top of god and all osako fault u were nice to me and all the fun things we had

  4. September 19, 2014 at 9:55 pm

    I can’t believe it. I’m so sad bro. Why you Diego? You are a good person. You was friendly,funny and the best person. I remember that you said me that I never will be alone because you always will be with me to protect me . You always called me sister and I was your Huesitos and never forget that. You always stayed smiling and gave fun to everybody to met you. Some thing I thimk that it’s a nightmate and tomorrow I will wake up and I will see you living and doing me smile with your jokes in the TEPA . I love you brother and I always memories that no one loves me more than you that words stay in my heart like you plis wait for me in the paradise with god I love you so much and Im si sad for you the life is hard without you bro but you told me that time that when a thing like this happen you you want that we your family were smiling and happy like you because you love us

  5. Freddy Angulo
    September 20, 2014 at 9:32 am

    Fuck you Osako… Hope u rot in hell. U have no idea what u have taken from the community. Hurts to know that someone so cheerful, helpful and all around great spirited guy had to end up being slayed this way. And for all those who just stood by and watched: You are just as guilty because Diego would’ve been alive if u would’ve just intervened. I’m sure Mr. Galindo would’ve helped ANYONE out in that situation. And btw Osako… U also hurt my 9 yr old daughter. U took a small part of her cuz he loved her to death and vise versa. Diego was the first person to show up at the hospital during the delivery of our daughter in 2005. May he rest in peace… We love you & will always be in our hearts. Thanks for all the great memories!!

  6. Bruce Nordhausen
    September 20, 2014 at 10:02 pm

    Diego was a friend to my daughter Alexandra. She is broken hearted and grieves with Rafael his friend. I understand he was a gentle soul and from all accounts a kind and generous man. May God’s Peace be with him and all who loved him.

  7. Raquel Reynoso Martinez
    September 21, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    Diego que descanses en paz..Fue un placer concerte..siempre te vi en la carneceria..en el Indoor o en el gymnasio..ijole…que triste saber que un loco te quito la vida..mis mas sentido pesame para la familia de Diego.. Leo..Martha y todos los que trabajaron con Diego..

  8. Hugo
    September 25, 2014 at 12:27 am

    My most sincere condolences to all of you, specially to his brother in the USA and to his family in Mexico. This is Hugo. I am sad in my heart to know that a friendly and courageous man has left this earthly place to meet Jesus, in this manner. I am sorry that this happened.

    I know Diego since I was in All Souls Church Youth Group, Juventud Con Cristo, about 14-17 years ago. He was there to help, always ready to give a hand to anyone in need, even though Diego often found himself in situations that others might have run away from. However, Diego, if asked, and even when not asked, he would know that someone needed help. Diego was a man who did not like dishonest situations, valorous, courageous, and always ready to protect and help vulnerable people. I have good memories of him, for example, at the youth group he would always be ready to help out distributing the bread to the poor, support youth activities, fundraisers, and much more. He liked Football soccer a lot, and “lucha libre”. He was tough thou, but gentle, honest, and courageous. He also liked art craft, painting, and other good things, like sports, at the gym for example.
    I would not be surprise to know that Diego was actually protecting someone, and because of his valorous attitude, this happened.

    I lost communication with him and his brother many years ago, when I moved from San Mateo County. I know some of the people who have wrote messages here, I am with you in your sorrow..
    I, too, want to unite with all of you, praying and fasting for his soul and for the conversion and return of sanity to this man who committed this evil act. May God forgive this man who killed our friend.

    For one, I know that Jesus loves you Diego, and our Lady of Guadalupe, Mary, had taken you in her arms to heaven, just as she suffered for her son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. May his Soul, Diego, Rest in Peace.
    Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we love you, save souls. Amen.


  9. Bally's Member
    September 28, 2014 at 1:51 pm

    Thank you for posting the Funeral Services information so we can pay him some respect.
    Shocked at this shameless, unnecessary act of violence against a kindhearted individual. Condolences to his family.

    Gracias por subir la informacion De los servicios para darle mis respectos.
    No puedo creer que alguin pudo hacer un acto De violencia a una persona de buen corazon sin tener razon. Mi mas sentido pesame.

  10. Yesenia Galindo
    October 6, 2014 at 9:52 am

    Thank you all for your condolences my cunado surely was a unique individual he sure practice the words he live by which said ” affection and love should be express while one is alive. Diegos moms thanks u all for all your sincere affection towards her son that at this time is giving her comfort. I invite all to live by Diego’s words so we can reach complete happines because there nothing more rewarding in life than helping others.

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