SSFPD Share RIMS System with Colma PD

South San Francisco, CA   October 6, 2014   Submitted by SSFPD   SSFPD logo


The Colma Police Department together with the South San Francisco Police Department announce the successful implementation of a shared police records management and computer aided dispatch system known as RIMS.  The system was put into service for Colma Police Department on October 1, 2014 after years of planning and preparation.  RIMS
replaces Colma’s previous computer system that was more than 12 years old.

South San Francisco Police Department has had the RIMS system for about ten years. SSF began hosting the system for Pacifica Police Department in 2011, and now Colma has been added to the network operated by SSFPD.  South San Francisco also provides emergency dispatch services for Colma on a part-time basis. Colma’s own 911 dispatchers will use the new system from the Colma Police Station.

Colma’s acting police chief Kirk Stratton says, “Our officers and dispatchers are enthusiastic about the system.  We’re looking forward to improved interoperability and cooperation with neighboring police departments, and seamless data sharing by all police departments in
San Mateo County. Almost all police departments in San Mateo County now use the RIMS software.”

RIMS includes computers in patrol cars so officers have immediate access to the information they need to prepare reports in the field. This includes access to known offender photographs and maps of critical buildings such as schools and shopping centers. RIMS substantially reduces the amount of paperwork traditionally kept by police departments by storing police reports in digital format.

Chief Jeff Azzopardi of the South San Francisco Police Department
says, “Sharing the South San Francisco Police Department’s RIMS system with Colma and other cities results in improved efficiency by sharing resources as recommended by the San Mateo County Grand Jury. There is significant cost savings through consolidation of law enforcement technology while allowing each city police department to retain autonomous operation. We are delighted to extend our long-standing partnership with Colma Police Department by providing hosted computer services.”
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