THE BELL GAME Tradition Continues: SSFHS vs ECH Saturday November 15 2014

South San Francisco, CA  November 14, 2014

The prized Bell currently sits with the Warriors. Where will it be come Saturday night?

The prized Bell currently sits with the Warriors. Where will it end up Saturday night?


Let the GAMES begin this Saturday at 2pm on the new Clifford Field at South San Francisco High School as our two High School teams rival for the BELL trophy.  Fifty-three years and this tradition continues to bring spirit through out our city as neighbors cheer for their home team.

For those who have not yet purchased tickets you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

Kids Ages 6-to-12 and Students who present PAL Sticker $2

Adults over 60 $4 and General Public $6

What a steal of a deal to watch our BELL GAME in action!

For those who cannot make the game you can still watch it LIVE thanks to  NFHSnetwork SSFHS Video Art Program (Day Pass to watch the game is $9.95 or stay up to date on all SSFHS LIVE events for only $119.95 for 12 months!) More information on their site CLICK HERE.

This past week we have watched our SIGN HILL continue to go through the colors of blue and red, symbolizing the South City Warriors and the El Camino Colts. However the orange SF remains in honor of our SF Giants World Series win. We can expect the city to have this removed and painted back to our basic white in the near future and we encourage neighbors not to re-paint any of our letters afterwards. Well until next year anyway, right?  Thanks to our neighbors for taking photos and sharing them.

South City Warriors represented in Blue while respecting our SF Giants Orange Photo: Dan Ullmann

South City Warriors represented in Blue while respecting our SF Giants Orange
Photo: Dan Ullman

Later that day we can see evidence of El Camino Warriors attempting to claim the C in red. Photo: Dan Ullman

Later that day we can see evidence of El Camino Warriors attempting to claim the C in red.
Photo: Dan Ullman












A closer view from our professional photographer ROGER CAIN

A closer view from our professional photographer ROGER CAIN

Bruna shared her photo and asked 'What's with all the colors at ‪Sign Hill'

Bruna shared her photo and asked ‘What’s with all the colors at ‪Sign Hill’


















And a bit of the ribbing that always takes place between cross town loyal fans:


Ben Cheah Sounds like the good old Warriors vs. Colts rivalry.

Marlen De Avila The SC was painted blue for the South City Warriors, then El Camino High students painted over it with Red. It’s all for the Bell Game this Saturday, a big rivalry in High School Football. El Camino should’ve painted the E & C in City, but that’s ok Warriors are still gonna WIN! GO WARRIORS!!!

Stephanie Siaris Little Blue is through! Go Big Red!

Vinny Vance I think the rain interrupted their painting party…

Carlos TheDestroyer Solis That sign belongs to the original South San Francisco School. El Camino cannot even see that sign. There is a large rock that is close to El Camino high school they can spray on that rock. That rock is theirs

Maria C Reynoso Lol..^^^^

Pauline Garcia ^^^^^^lmao….that rock is theirs… sending the SC WARRIORS A HUGE SHOUT OUT from sacramento CA…. #SOUTHCITYBORNNDRAISED

Sunny Liner Good o’l days

Elisa Nunez Paint them all blue

Taylor Harms Oh heck no! #SSFHS #SouthSanFranciscoHighSchool #classof08

Dustin Walsh I thought it was some dodger fan from so cal upset & painted them blue. It upset me. I’m not a true local so I didn’t realize that the Bell game is this weekend. That makes it all better

Priscilla Chin Let’s go Warriors!!

Noel Antonio Arauz I heard Stanford and Berkeley used to paint the letters Waaaaay back, but i don’t know how accurate that is

James Carter GO WARRIORS!!! Class of ’62

Albert Rios Go Warriors!!

Linda Brown Moore Warriors, class of ’62.

Deb Wilborn Love the tradition, but who buys that much paint?!?

Edward Antonio SC is for south city folks the blue is for south city high and the red is for El camino

Muriel Pleasic Peninger always loved waking up walking out the front door and seeing sign hill in different colors.

Christina Fedelin Oates Bell Game! Let’s go Warriors!

Jason Basquez What is the record at now? Who is holding it down? Graduated in 99′ Oh yeah #GOWARRIORS

Ronald VelasquezCarla Velasquez EL CO baby!

Jessica Dominguez South city!!!

Lulu Bonilla El Camino!!!!!!

Tony Alejandre The Bell stays where it has spent the majority of its lifetime with South City!!

Kelly Hendrickson South city!

Jasmin Sutter Is this even a question? SOUTH CITY!

William Shon II It’s always a good game when the cross town rivals meet.

Kelvin Silmon So city

Davida Dean How many times have those baby horseys actually taken the bell? Just remember when you go into battle…Warriors ride on TOP of horsesys….

Gigi Santinelli Santamaria So. City of course!!!

Danielle Howard EC EC!!

Davina Urrutia Saturday?!

Glen Wandersee I dunno,but it looks like the Tower of pisa,is it suppose to lean like that?

Jose Valencia WARRIORS!!!!!!

Kathy Lobos So City……

Joey Bernal SSF!!!

Mark McLaughlin South City Baby!!

Betty Reyes WARRIORS!!

Kathy Totah SOUTH CITY

Alan Lopez Lolz south city is like the sf giants of these two schools And elco is the dodgers. Who do u think will win

Matt Fuentes Warriors!!

Rocky Bee South City…duh

Lulu Bonilla Boo!!!

Cisco Ortega South City High Baby!!! #beatthecolts

Christina Barnett Haas SOUTH CITY BABY!!

Carla Velasquez Warriors!!!!!

Miguel A. Maldonado WARRIORS

Okey Amuzie South City!

Tamara Campbell South City!

Yeyo Sanchez South City should… but crazier shit has happened. Whose gonna streak this year?

Tony Alejandre The year we went undefeated was the last Friday Night Bell Game!! They should bring it back!!

Maria Mabutas So City!!

Tina Brusuelas Campbell It is on Saturday..

Sandra Luna That’s been around for yeeearssss! Glad to see it’s still up for grabs.

Gina McLaughlin Elias Warriors!

Norma Pulido Ssf better take it


Debbie Kerrigan El Camino Colts!!!

Abiel Christian Alesana Obviously South City is going to win. El Camino hasn’t even felt the trophy for over a decade now. They’re probably going to run the same I-Formation plays they’ve been running. Time to put El Co in the ground again. I wouldn’t really call it a rivalry. It sort of a tradition with the amount of times South City has won the Bell.

Angela Marie De Leon Warriors!!!

David Connant Warriors

Kathleen Bomben Sartin It’s yours COLTS. GO GET IT!

William Evans Elco

Priscilla Chin Let’s go Warriors!! Keep the bell at its rightful home

Katie StokesAdam Stokes when did you guys win the bell?

Adam StokesKatie Stokes 2003

Katie Stokes Didn’t south city cry and start a fight then blamed it on you?

Adam Stokes Yup

Shane Kinoshita South City, South City, South City High …. Sorry Colts u don’t have a single player over 5’4” again this season….

Sunny Liner Come on EC!!

Doug Donegan Can somebody at least just polish the darn trophy this year??

Cathy Mueller Im a colt parent. It is what it is, so may the best team succeed. No fighting or bashing schools or putting our kids down, just good old fashion clean fun.

Leona Cummins-Mederios Let’ go Warriors!

Christina Fedelin Oates So. City, of course! Go Warriors!

Smith Jack Once a Warrior – always a Warrior (’56)

Short Cakes Goooooo Colts lets do this baby!!!!!!!!!

Joey Moro El Camino never beats us get over it

Amanda Blanco Ssfhs is!!!!!!!

Shorty Zamora Jaja

Lynn Spicer Warriors!!!!!!

And the tradition continues...

And the tradition continues…






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8 years ago

well Reem i argue with you i think el camino showed class but not south city didn’t showed class at all i think the south city football team should not central coast section eligible at all south city will have to be like usc when they where bowl eneleblige

8 years ago

today bell game was wired this year with both teams clearing the slides lines there were a lot of ejections in and fighting the third quarter it remind that when there was a fight in the glove game. i hope sc will lose the glove game

8 years ago
Reply to  johncollins

It was my first time watching a Bell Game & I must say I was a little disappointed in the way the players treated one another. SSF vs. El Camino what happen to inflicting good sportsmanship into the young adults of today? It was like a war zone. We are both from the same city & we are fighting one another. If that is what the children are learning from now what happens when they enter the real world?? I think both schools should have a friendly gathering to meet one another so that they actually play football the day of the bell game & not have a boxing match. I was embarrassed to see such violence. Shame, Shame, Shame