Warriors retain the BELL 36-0: Monday morning quarterbacking

South San Francisco, CA November 16, 2014  2014 Warriors Bell Game Score Board Shorty Zamora

The Bell Game on the new Clifford Field at South San Francisco High School saw record number of attendees as the Warriors retained the BELL yet another year. John Baker, who has attended many of our BELL GAMES said “The Warriors have won 11 straight years with a total of  43 Warrior wins in the series.”

This year was a tough loss for the Colts as they have had to face a number of obstacles in their sports program. Coach Jake (Eric Jacobsen) has been the constant behind the players and has worked tirelessly on their behalf which makes this loss even tougher. Coach Jake has always preached COLT PRIDE and continues to tell his players to keep their head up, both on and off the field. However, the Warriors continue to bring it and retain the Bell once again.

On our facebook page there were comments made that perhaps the Warriors should have toned down the game rather than allow a ‘slaughter’ yet others argued playing to win is the nature of the game. Below we share parts of these conversations and ask for your thoughts.

Monday Morning Quarterbacking: While we know the final Bell Score was a huge hit on the Colts- there have been some saying the Warriors should have played less aggressive, put in 2nd & 3rd string players, taken a knee, etc while others say hey it’s a game and you play to win and you know that when you suit up, it’s not little league any more……

Reem Baba Nasrah just shared her thoughts and it seems a good opportunity if others also had something to share respectfully. (Key word Respectfully please)

It was my first time watching a Bell Game & I must say I was a little disappointed in the way the players treated one another. SSF vs. El Camino what happen to inflicting good sportsmanship into the young adults of today? It was like a war zone. We are both from the same city & we are fighting one another. If that is what the children are learning from now what happens when they enter the real world?? I think both schools should have a friendly gathering to meet one another so that they actually play football the day of the bell game & not have a boxing match. I was embarrassed to see such violence. Shame, Shame, Shame .

Antonio Xavier Gomez Too true. Though I must correct the use of the word “instill” instead of ” inflict “. Respectfully of course.

John C. Baker The most-telling thing is there was no post-game handshake. That was disappointing.

Sally Johnson Do either of these team shake hands with other opponents? Or is shaking hands a thing of the past???

John C. Baker I saw it every other game I saw both sides play this season. Of course, after the Woodside/SSF game it ended in a brawl, so maybe there was some caution

Sally Johnson John thanks for the update. I kind of thought the same thing about the no hand shaking and caution was taking.

Keith Bokelund It’s FOOTBALL ..at least it used to be. The NFL is becoming the same way as the pussification of America takes hold. There is no being a Man any more.

Adele Rios There is no such thing as “being a man”, that’s so sexist. Violence shouldn’t equal being a man (if there was such a thing).

Tony Alejandre I’m sorry I didn’t stay until the end. I realized the game wasn’t going to be what it was the year before and left early when it was clear that South City was going to hold onto the Bell. Now if these boys didn’t shake hands at the end of the game then this is totally wrong on both coaches. You play the game and once the whistle blows and its over you shake hands to your opponent. Now this is a rivalry game and there are going to be blow outs, you think the kids from SI take it easy on Sacred Heart, no way. One year El Camino is going to blow South City away, its bound to happen, I of course don’t want to see but it might happen. I have good friends that I played against in my two Bell game victories. It’s just a game. I’m just happy that the scoreboard didn’t blow up like it did in my game!!

Cynthia Arias Funny I was telling my coworker about the scoreboard blowing up.

Doug Schmiedel “YOU PLAY!
You don’t just play to play. You play to win!”

Gina Rafael-Colgrove “If you’re not first you’re last”

Pat Murray I haven’t been to a “Bell” game in many years, but the bad sportsmanship written about might be an indicator of the problems the district is having with the sports program. Go to the Board meetings and be a part of the conversation they’re having. In “my” day, sports were secondary to academics and the students were taught that. Sports were meant to build character: being a part of a team, responsibility, the value of hard work and good sportsmanship! It’s ashame!

Matt Fuentes Here here Keith Bokelund…took the words right out of my mouth…the pussification of American. ..where kids just don’t know how to lose..if everyone is a winner…

Shani Intelexual Thanks for sharing

Michele Gonzalez Miranda!! As a parent of a Ssf student I’ve attended all but one game including Saturday’s game. All that witnessed the brief on field altercation initiated by an el Camino player, was glad to see the quick resolve. None of us encourages violence. Although the score was painful, I believe el Camino did their best. I am proud of all of the boys at Ssf jv and varsity! Go south city!

Cynthia Arias I thought football was an agressive sport? It’s not gardening class. Just saying.

Karen Tozer Smith If no fights broke out after the game then it sounds like two football teams that have been RIVALS. When you are playing your rival you don’t just play to win. You play to dominate. And when playing your rival there are deep seeded feelings you get. Let it go. So what.

Karina Benavides And guess what at the end south city still has the bell and it will remain there

Candice Guzman I graduated from Ssf and have witnessed huge fights with a lot of kids getting hurt after games. Glad to hear no violence. Anyone who is from SSF knows we have a long going feud between schools and it is a game. One winner and one loser. In life there are loses and guess what it’s not the end of the world. Stop making kids a bunch of whiny wimps who can’t dust themselves off and come back next year. Warriors!

Jose Chavez I read the article. How many El Camino kids are 6’4″, 220 lbs like Hayward’s Townsend who plays for South City? Hmm… I didn’t know you could go to school in this district if you live in Hayward by having a parent work in SSF. That’s a seperate issue/thread altogether. Not shaking hands after the game, no excuse for that, coaches. No excuse.

Jackie Larson The rivalry is part of growing up in SSF! It was the same 40 years ago! When we (colts) went over to TP So City’s campus in the middle of the night the SSFPD watched us so no thugs from SSFHS beat us up! As long as there was no vandalism it was ok, just part of the fun. Many years later the two schools combine reunions!

Pauline Garcia So who won…

Michael Johnson Jose Chavez u can get it approved from the district to live elsewhere and go to school there. No need for excuses like that. I didnt hear anythung when EC beat SSF, and 3 kids on EC lived in SF… game over, go ssf.

Joey Moro It was 36-0 not 63-0 lol. And it’s football not charity soccer

George Velasquez Preach!!

Beverly Spatafore Wasn’t there to see the game. But it is a rival going on for ever! Some years the players are tougher on each other than others. It’s a game that’s all. Some of these young men have friends on the El Camino side that they will always be friends with win or lose. They know that on this day things are going to get a little rough but it will be over at the last whistle. So give them some kind of credit.

Luis Lomeli you people on here complain about the stupidest shit.

Omar Torres Do not cry!

Luis Lomeli Lol

Alan Lopez Great idea maybe we can change the rules also while we are at it. Every yard we stop and hug each other and if we wanna make a pass or steal we ask permission first. And instead of a hard ball let’s make it a soft nerf ball and the helmets should be wrapped in bubble wrap and before each game we all have a group hug and share our feelings after the game while tend to any boo boos

Its football not sissy ball

Phil Fioresi Sr. I get a kick out of some talking about “Running the score up” I wonder if Washington said that when EC beat them 38-6 the first game or Mills last week 20 -0 This is a Rivalry Game that’s gonna happen if either team can do it. As far as shaking hands I can take it or leave it in my opinion after kids are about 13 years old it should not be forced on them. Anyone who follows whats going on with our schools knows that EC is on the ropes with their sports program it’s obvious the culture of the staff is not only bad for the program but bad for the kids as well. While some coaches are worthy of coaching a High School team they are also not worthy advocates for our children in some instances. This only seem evident by the amount of Rivalry Trophies EC has at the moment, I believe it’s 1 (one) and believe me with the way SSFHS played baseball last year it could easily be ZERO.

Beth Jewell Orofino But this is what we get when we dub El Camino the “college prep” school, and SSFHS as the “newcomers” (ELD) school. If you want to level the playing field, literally, then make each high school heterogeneous, IN ALL AREAS.

Maurice Goodman Amen!

Phil Fioresi Sr. Believe me it’s far from college prep as well my daughter was told by her College english teacher to forget what she learned there because it was all wrong

Kelly Wynne Congradulations to our South City Warriors and great coaches!! Coach Oca and Coach Pua teach our boys respect on and off the field..one of El Camino players step on a Warriors injured knee and it escalated then was defused. Great shut out,by South City. Better luck next year Colts!!

Alan Lopez So here’s the new rules of football since its too “extreme”

Yeyo Sanchez Im with Doug Schmiedel. There has to be a winner and a loser. Enough of this “soft” society trying to make everything fair for everyone especially if they are not deserving of it. Both teams had an equal amout of time to prepare for this Bell Game and its obvious that SSF has better coaching and work ethic than ELCO. I’m almost positive that ELCO would of done the same thing given the opportunity. It’s a rivalry game. Let’s stop with the WUSSIFICATION of these young adults.

Erik Alvarez This “everyone should get a trophy for participating” way of thinking is one of many reasons kids are screwed up these days. Kids are spoiled and have this sense of entitlement because of it. Things go wrong and they can’t handle it because mommy, daddy, etc isn’t there to grab them by the hand and tell them it’s going to be okay. It’s football, plain and simple. It’s not the offense’s job to stop scoring. It’s the defense’s job to stop them, no matter what team you play, rivalry or not. Don’t be bitter, get better. For the record, I have no horse in the race.

Yeyo Sanchez It was this guys first time watching a Bell Game… he doesn’t know the history… #enoughsaid

John C. Baker I’ve been to about 10 Bell Games, some lopsided like this one, some close. I’ve never seen the teams not shake afterward or a brawl on the field like I did Saturday. Something was off this time.

Bert Ramirez I’m kinda surprised by some of the negative comments here… The thoughts shared have merits. Football does not have to be “tamed” to teach kids sportsmanship. Nothing wrong with teaching respect for your opponent….and if teaching respect upsets you, then there is something wrong with YOU.

As to running up the score, with all due respect, that should be a call to action to get the EC program shaped up. Even as a SSF grad, it’s painful to watch ..

Phil Fioresi Sr. John C. Baker I look at it this way correct me if I’m wrong, the last time El Camino may have won they won two in a row, both with Bobby Ingorsol at quarterback, Bobby was also one of the best baseball players ever to play at EC, he was overlooked for a Blanket Award which is not a surprise the same things are still going on there. I say it’s a curse just like Boston had for dumping “The Babe”



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7 years ago

If El Camino is the “college prep” school, then how is it that there are more kids from South City who get admitted each year to elite colleges and to the UCs? South City trumps El Camino even in interschool academic activities like debate or mock trial.

7 years ago

that game got very when brawl happened both teams started to fight plus both ad from ssf and el camino had to get on the field same with ssfpd. i feel that they need more police officers at sporting like football basketball wrestling soccer and baseball the brawl reminded me like the brawl in the glove game 2012