Your pennies will help local young adults learn independence; Disabled adults in transition program

South San Francisco, CA  November 21, 2014

transitional adulthood

Transition to Adulthood is a challenge for everyone. Those with special needs require special assistance.


The Adult Transition Program is holding a fundraiser and asking our communities help. They are collecting pennies knowing they will add up if we all pitch in. Pennies collected will help the program continue their  cooking and gardening projects, purchase hygiene products, kitchen and laundry supplies.

This program addresses the needs of our young adults ages 18-22 years old who are challenged with mild to severe disabilities and autism. ‘The Transition Partnership Program is a partnership with the South San Francisco Unified School District and the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. The goal of the program is to assist special needs youth with the transition from high school to today’s competitive world of work’ per the District website.

Independent living can be a challenge for any of us, yet those with special needs require additional help in navigating this next step in their lives. As a community we are fortunate to have these resources available and we know it does indeed take a village to raise our youth.  To that end. please consider saving your pennies and donating to the Adult Transition Program which is located at the SSF Adult School 825 Southwood Drive Room 52 South San Francisco, CA 94080. Even better, ask your groups, business, etc to join in!

South City resident, Grace Furci, is one of the teachers of this program and is heading up this drive. Many neighbors know Grace as a former Parkway Heights Middle School Teacher and community volunteer who has a great passion for her students success. Let’s help her help our young adults.

Additional Ways to Help

  •  Gardening Supplies – if you have old containers that can be turned into planters, potting soil mix, colorful outdoor paints, colorful flowers and seeds (flowers, vegetables)
  • Have some skills to share (ie. artwork, carpentry, sewing, computer, dance, etc.) Do you know anyone who wants to volunteer? Please connect with me and we can come up with a wonderful plan.

For more information please contact Grace Furci     Ph 650-246-5983      Email

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