Does it take a death to bring stop signs to neighborhoods?

South San Francisco, CA  December 6, 2014    Submitted by Everything South City Facebook Page

Nubia Angulo posted this question: “What does it have to take for SSF to realize that a STOP sign needs to be placed on Linden Ave/Lux Ave? Are constant accidents not enough or does someone have to get seriously injured in order for something to be done? I have seen so many accidents on that corner. One just happened a few minutes ago. It’s such a dangerous intersection.”

Everything South City recommended she contact the City’s Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC) and follow the formal process as we have heard other neighbors win favorable response after doing so, citing the Walnut Lux stop sign as one of the successes. Nubia replied with this sad news below.

We are sharing this to warn other neighbors to SLOW DOWN – especially in that area – be alert! And for our City Dept to see this concern and consider ways to address it.

From Nubia: “That STOP sign on Maple/Lux got put up after a lady ran the STOP sign on Lux. My father was the one that got hit in that accident about 6 years ago. He had to be transported to the hospital due to head injuries as well as my sister in law and niece. it’s sad that a severe injury needs to happen in order for someone to do something about it.”


Anita- Nubia that is what they told us at Sunnyside and Forestview. Finally someone did 45 on Sunnyside and slammed into our house after hitting some old people doing 25 on Forestview. Finally they put a stop sign on Sunnyside

Linda- Yes injured or killed

Joey- Don’t blame the absence of a stop sign at fault! Try bad drivers and lack of police enforcement




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