Neighbor to neighbor alert on Walnut and Lux

South San Francisco, CA  December 10, 2014   Submitted by Everything South City Facebook Page
stranger at the door

Who’s that knocking at my door? This came in yesterday;

“I was taking a nap about 10min ago, and woke up to a tapping sound. Nobody is around. Then 10min later a guy knocks on my my door, which nobody ever does, Latin gentleman, late 30’s I would guess. In garbled English he asks for an old lady; I’ve lived here 15 years. Claims she gave him her address, which was 4XXLux Ave. I’m 4XX Walnut. Instead of walking to find her house after I directed him to the right street he got in a mini van plate # 4rkz465.
I don’t know if he was casing my house, really lost looking for the aforementioned old lady, if he’s up to something where the old lady lives… just seems odd he would be so persistent to knock on my door and it knowingly be the wrong address.
So a heads up, caution to people to be careful….I don’t know. Seemed out of the ordinary for the neighborhood for sure.”

While we did reply that ANYTIME YOU HAVE THAT GUT FEELING – CALL 911 Immediately we also encouraged our neighbor to check on the woman who lives around the block – which they said they would do.

Community responses:

Danny As a former process server, pizza delivery driver….sometimes mix ups happen

Cristina Paranoid a little?

Stella You’d be surprised on how many Latino individuals you will find that refer to addresses as the green house up the street, the third house on the left……You’d even be shocked to hear some of the ladies and men don’t even know their birth dates…’s good you got the plates down, but sometimes you get a confused lost person.

Cass Seriously, people are paranoid these days. I had an Appt. for someone to come to my house and her GPS directed her to a house in Daly City with the exact house number and street name as mine in South City. She knocked on a stranger’s door thinking it was my house, she’s not familiar with the area. Things happen, sad how people automatically freak out and put everything on social media.

Everything South City This point may have gotten lost in that original post – the houses were within a few houses so no need to drive to another location. That is what caused the concern, and not paranoid – just looking out for our neighbors especially when we have seniors in our area. {ksw}

Viviana Thank you for the info. Sadly, I now lock every window and door when I leave the house, a few years ago I never worried about burglary.

Eleanor Be careful..It’s the time of the year for crimes and Robberies.
Hope you reported his ASS?
Not a good feeling when a stranger knocks on your Domain? Please make sure you, report this guy to SSF, POLICE

Suzette Thanks for the head up… Better safe with a warning then to be a victim.. Times are changing so be aware and keep your eyes open…If it was an honest mistake , ok, but if it wasn’t, he is probably lucky he was home. Just saying !!!!

Vanessa There were some criminal actions (don’t know location) that involved knocking on house doors, when the female answered, they would use a “poor me” story to get inside…and let your imagination go from there.
I don’t think she was paranoid, I think she was right to be on the edge.
Better to be safe than sorry.

Thanks for the heads up!

Shelly Thanks ESC for keeping our awareness up

Laura To be careful and protect yourself is a God given right. This is indeed the time of the year for desperate people to get fast money. Every body need to be careful out there! Don’t open door for any strangers .

Cathy Never open the door to strangers. You can ask them what they want through the door.
Home invasions start that way.

Marilyn Ironically happened to us TWICE in last two months. Also asks for change. Sounds like same guy! Told my sons DO NOT o




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