San Mateo County Local Assistance Center to Provide Storm Assistance Services

South San Francisco, CA  December 30, 2014      Submitted by County of San Mateo

Flooding 5th and Broadway in Redwood City.

A Local Assistance Center (LAC) will open on Monday, Jan. 5, through Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the South San Francisco Parking Structure located at 329 Miller Ave. in South San Francisco.

The purpose of the LAC is to bring local and state agencies, as well as non-profit and voluntary organizations, together under one roof to assist individuals, families and businesses with disaster storm assistance services and/or information. The County of San Mateo, cities and towns where residents suffered property loss or damage by recent storms that began Dec. 11, 2014, will be represented in the LAC to provide assistance and information.

In addition, the California Office of Emergency Services has reached out to agencies such as the Department of Insurance, State Contractor’s License Board, Franchise Tax Board and Department of Motor Vehicles regarding their participation.

This is an opportunity for those affected by the winter storms to ask questions and seek direction from providers that may be able to offer them assistance or information. Anyone affected by the December winter storms is encouraged to take part in this community event.

The location was selected because South San Francisco had the greatest number of residences and businesses hit in the storms, according to San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services District Coordinator Brian Molver.

This LAC has been made possible with in cooperation with the City of South San Francisco, County of San Mateo and the California Office of Emergency Services/CAL OES.

For more information, contact Brian Molver at (650) 363-4448 or

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laura peradotto
laura peradotto
8 years ago

I work those hours. How I’m I able to use this help. I can’t get off have lost hours due to the storm.