Advertising with Everything South City is affordable and easy

South San Francisco, CA    advertise wtih us

If you are a local business in South San Francisco or the surrounding areas, you can increase your reach by advertising with us.

Social Media Post Reach/Engagement: 88k+/11k+

Weekly Digest Reach: 4k+

Website Reach:


  • 175 x 175 Black/white or full color image (logo or ad)
  • 6 month prepaid commitment
  • Website url (to hyperlink to your site when your ad is clicked on)


  • $200/month: Featured non-rotating ad
  • $250/month: Featured non-rotating ad plus an ad in our weekly digest
  • $150/month: Featured rotating ad (rotates with another ad with each click)

Everything South City recognizes the benefits our local businesses do for our community, especially our small and family owned places. They are the backbone of our community and the first to step up to offer help for our sports teams, our kids school sales, our clubs raffles and more.

As our way of saying THANK YOU we offer amazing prices that are a fraction of what other organizations would charge on their websites. Similar size ads often run $800- $1600 a month and so many websites are overrun with ads and pop-ups making the content difficult to read. Not us.

We limit the ad space on our website to keep it looking clean and inviting. Our stats show heavy traffic to our site with the majority of it from the very local neighbors your business needs to reach.  Your ad will appear on every page of our website.

Included in all three options is the opportunity for monthly updates for promotions or special events. Just send us what you would like advertised in a word doc or jpg and we will put it on our website and push to our social media. We share our website articles on our social media (FB/ Twitter) which brings more neighbors to see your ad. Our Facebook stats alone run between 100K-250K+  reach a week! Plus our weekly digest will carry your monthly specials and our current subscription is approximately 4k+.

  • Plus we always have a FRIDAY FREE FOR ALL on our Facebook page where we encourage our community to promote businesses, share events, etc – this is always free and an additional resource open for all.
  • When you are ready to reach your specific customers, contact us. We’ll make it easy for your customers to find you.
  • Contact today and have new customers tomorrow!
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