Can’t Hide South City Pride; What’s good in our hood are family and friends

South San Francisco, CA  January 4, 2015  Submitted by Tim Dinsmore happiness is hanging out with childhood friends

Good in the Hood: My impression of South City is one of Family. I was raised there until I was 12. The number of Families still living in the Neighborhood is a testament to the Good in the Hood! Friends who now live in their Parents house. Re-Unions that must be held in our Town! How about the fact that my Kindergarten Friends are still my Best Friends? Yes there is good in the Hood! It is the People of South City, The Brother Hood that never fades and the Love of Family that shines out the most to me! The good in the Hood is from the Hearts of the people who grow up there. There is no place without struggle, no place with zero crime and yet… there are few places where people bond as strongly and for Life as we do in South San Francisco! I miss the Hood and all the People who make it so special!


‘Can’t Hide South City Pride; What’s good in our hood’ is a new segment in response to our neighbors desire to focus on the positive things we have in and around our great little city by the bay. While we are aware of the bad stuff, we believe there is so much more good and have grown weary of the negative and look forward to this new feature. The segment title was gleaned from suggestions from our online community. And as always, this segment will be community driven and we ask for you to send your suggestions to us at

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