Can’t Hide South City Pride; What’s good in our hood is Chef Ava

South San Francisco, CA.    January 6, 2015

Chef Ava is always willing to lend a helping hand

Chef Ava is always willing to lend a helping hand

Our West Winston Manor neighbor Ava Romero shared this story with us on our FB page for our new segment. Ava is our local chef and shares her recipes and tips on her blog ‘Autistic Chef’ which can be found CLICK HERE. More on Chef Ava can be found CLICK HERE.  Chef Ava continues to inspire us all.

Today I was on the way back from buying ingredients for future recipes from Grocery Outlet store in South City and decided to go to walk to the Chevron gas station next to Carl’s Jr fast food place and the as i needed to go to the restroom. I thought someone was in there but the 2 beautiful Asian women over 50 came over and they needed to use it too.

So we waited like regular customers so she went up to the gas station clerk and open the door for us 3 women and when the guy opened it the key was left in the bathroom. I thanked him for saving us 3. I let the 2 ladies go first so they can go home and stuff. I went third after them and felt soo much better.I also made a difference as a good neighbor to these loveable older ladies.

I went to take the keys back to the gas station clerk. Then I went straight to take SamTrans back to West Winston Manor. Oh my I felt soo good and i feel like a hero in my community not just as a chef, but as a person. So Locals in West Winston Manor, Winston Manor and/or people taking public transit like myself out there, do not leave your keys in the bathroom, its IMPORTANT TO DROP IT BACK TO THE GAS STATION CLERK AND JUST REMEMBER THAT. AS A GOOD NEIGHBOR WE ARE HEROES. From Chef Ava Marie


‘Can’t Hide South City Pride; What’s good in our hood’ is a new segment in response to our neighbors desire to focus on the positive things we have in and around our great little city by the bay. While we are aware of the bad stuff, we believe there is so much more good and have grown weary of the negative and look forward to this new feature. The segment title was gleaned from suggestions from our online community. And as always, this segment will be community driven and we ask for you to send your suggestions to us at

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