Sunshine Garden neighbors warn of vehicle ‘Smash & Grab’ break-ins

South San Francisco, CA    January 4, 2015

'Smash & grab' vehicle breaks have been reported on Mission Road by neighbors. Photo: Christa Barnett Haas' car was

‘Smash & grab’ vehicle breaks have been reported on Mission Road by neighbors.
Photo: Christa Barnett Haas’ car was

Two of our neighbors living on Mission Road have reported vehicles that had windows smashed in and objects stolen. The incident appears to have happened early yesterday morning.

“This morning as I was leaving home with my family we saw 2 cars with smashed windows parked outside my building complex. The first one was a work truck and the 2nd seemed to be a family car. The 2nd car was parked in front of my boyfriends car.We were so thankful that his car was not touched but it definitely alarmed me because there has been so many times that family friends or myself have parked on that street ” neighbor Clarissa Rivera‎ says, “My thoughts~ is this becoming a trend in SSF? I have lived in this same area for almost 10 years and this is the first time that I really felt well let’s just say.. Not safe. My thoughts go out to those that were affected by it and Just hope that it doesn’t continue.”

Christina Barnett Haas‎ was one of the neighbors who’s car was broken into. “Just an FYI to be watchful of your cars SSF peeps . Mine was broken into yesterday am and my battery jumper was stolen” Christina said, “South San Francisco is a great City, but unfortunately there are some bad folks around too” Christina’s car was parked across from the Court House, facing Grand Avenue.
While this is not an isolated case, the South San Francisco Police Department do not have this identified as a trend. However, they continue to alert neighbors to keep all valuables out of view, and locked in the trunk when possible. Should you see anyone loitering or attempting to break into cars please call 911. If you have any information to share on this or any other break-in, please contact SSFPD through the anonymous tip line 952-2244.

2 comments for “Sunshine Garden neighbors warn of vehicle ‘Smash & Grab’ break-ins

  1. January 6, 2015 at 10:35 am

    This has also happened recently up by the Elk Lodge off of stonegate. Support your local police

  2. Editor
    January 6, 2015 at 11:54 am

    This article reached 11,028 people and had 35 shares from our Facebook page with comments below siting similar crimes committed in other neighborhoods recently:

    Mareth Thanks, I have a hatch back and will now use the cover.

    Mark Stop leaving items in your car!

    Carey The same thing happened (not to me) in the Stonegate/Ridge area the day before Christmas and a week prior to that.

    Joelle Where did it occur? Mine got broken into also! ridge court

    Carey First they stole my neighbors tires out of his carport and then the second one was in the carport of his next door neighbor. They are in the 800’s on Ridge in the Stonegate/Ridge HOA 1. Right below the Elk’s lodge near Hillside.

    Joelle Oh yea that’s us

    Carey Hi neighbor. *waves* I’m sorry you got hit. I saw the cop in front of your house and then we got an email from another board member telling us what happened to you. Then Maxwell had told us about his tires.

    Joelle Hi there! R u next to maxwell? Honestly the worst part was that someone was in our carport looking in our car looking to steal. If it was on the street it would be a very different story.

    Carey No, I am actually at the end of the driveway. Mine faces the entire driveway. And I agree, that it is very unsettling to know that they are in our carports. It happened to me around 10 years ago and I felt rather violated.

    Danny I haven’t locked a car door in almost 10 years

    Sally You can’t leave anything in your car. Also I’ve noticed since these new LED lights its so much darker.

    Angelique My friend reported her car was smashed into also, but a different part of SSF. Someone is going around all of SSF….

    Karen When I’m in SSF I don’t leave anything in my van!!

    Bert When I’m anywhere I don’t leave stuff in plain sight. This isn’t a South City crime story….its a lack of ordinary common sense…

    Astrid Live in the area and as I was walking my dog I noticed there was glass on the side walk its to bad things like this have to happen but it is pretty dark at night in that area I think we need more light in area

    Anita There are thugs and punks amongst us. 6 mos ago two idiots got caught on Forestview, just up from Grand vandalizing cars.

    Libia Last week someone stole my car stereo!!! on Baden ave.

    Debbie I never leave anything my car also, my husband has a company truck that he parks on the street and we have never had an issue until two nights ago. They tried braking the lock on the rear roll up door n weren’t successful so they punctured quite a large hole in it to see what was inside and cut the cable cord. When they didn’t find anything to their liking they vandalized it. It was hard because we have a small business n are just trying to make a decent living n then these thugs come along and destroyed all his hard work. This will set us back over a thousand dollars. So sad, I love ssf n don’t feel safe anymore.

    Nicole Yeah my car window was smashed into not last night but the night before! My fault for leaving stuff in the car but that doesn’t give the ok to steal and vandalize my property. It sucks people can’t buy their own stuff and instead take sh** that don’t belong to them! I hope they will be caught. They stole my son’s brand new Jansport black backpack that is beige on the bottom, he got for Christmas! ;( This was on Willow!

    Christina Oh. Nicole you were one of the many of us that was also victimized this ish really pisses me off! Well they may have video surveillance of this I was told, so maybe the jerk(s) (nicest term I can use) will be apprehended soon!

    Sheryl But those street lights SUCK! I hope justice will prevail for you all.

    Raquel I wonder if the cameras at the court captured this incident

    Debbie To joelle, willow n grand


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