A farewell to our community from Kate Mac Kay

South San Francisco, CA    February 20, 2015  Submitted by Kate Mac Kay

Veterans Caucus California Democratic Party , Organizational Development Committee Chair SSF Kate Mac Kay

Veterans Caucus California Democratic Party , Organizational Development Committee Chair SSF Kate Mac Kay

As I am packing boxes, awaiting the delivery of the storage container that will be used to move my household goods, I am also reflecting on my many years in and around South City: from going to Galli’s Bakery, when I was a little girl with my grandmother, Hazel Nastrini; babysitting countless children in different areas of town; my first job, at the age of 14, working in the industrial park, opening and mixing packets of single colored beads with others to make boxes of mixed beads working with my sister; dates with boys at the drive-in; sitting on the hill at the drive-in trying to get in a free movie; adopting my daughter who was a South City resident; running for city council;  to serving on the Housing Commission; advocating for our first responders.


I have had wonderful neighbors who have visited on the lawn, in the living room, and in the backyard, but sometimes just waved as they go by. We have had block parties for National Night Out and got to know one another and we have traded recipes and food experiments.  I have “met” neighbors on Everything South City (ESC) who I have not met in person, but wish I had.  I want to thank all of you.


I want to thank Frank, from our VFW post, who was my number one supporter and helped me to garner over 1200 votes when I ran for city council.  He is a good man and his mother a wonderful woman with whom to sit and speak.  I will miss them.  I want to thank the women who showed up to protest the protester.  You are the ones to whom I pass the torch to look out for our children.  I want to thank our police department who have had my back and those of my family for many years.  I know you do this for all of us, but you do it so much better than most of the police departments in the cities in which I have lived, and with almost 19 years of military service, those are many.  I have slept better at night knowing you are as competent and timely in responses as you are.  I will miss a great many of you and I am afraid that I cannot list all of you, so I will do a blanket statement that is to all of you that have been my friends, advocates, supporters, and kindly neighbors.


Thank you for all your support and your friendships.  My family and I will miss you.  I thank you for allowing me to serve you and I hope you are proud of what I accomplished while in your service.


I wish that we could afford to stay and live a comfortable lifestyle, but housing prices are going far too high for us to stay.  We have found that we can move away from the Peninsula and afford much more home.  We will be doubling the size of our home and shortening my husband’s commute by 30 minutes in the process.  All of this for the same price as our current rent on our home and storage unit.


While we look forward to our new home and life, our hearts are heavy as we leave the neighbors and family that are so close to us now.  Goodbye and God bless.


Kate Mac Kay


“We Greeks believe that a man who takes no part in public affairs is not merely lazy, but good for nothing”  –Thucydides

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