Candlesticks farewell; A big loud boom?

South San Francisco, CA   February 4, 2105

Demo started on Candlestick Feb 4 2015 Photo:

Demo started on Candlestick Feb 4 2015

UPDATE: It appears the loud sound actually came from the SFO during a routine exercise.
On Tuesday February 4 around noon Nick Delorio heard a loud bump over near El Camino High School. He posted on our facebook wall asking if others might have heard it, was it an earthquake?
Soon others commented on hearing something similar from Terra Bay, Genentech, Gellert, Westborough and West Winston Manor. ESC checked with our Police and Fire departments and they had no answers. Firedispatch showed there were 2 fire alarms that went off in the East Grand business area and Fire Captain Todd Rael said they did hear something but were not sure what it was either. Lt Wall from our Police Department said they did receive the two calls yet they found nothing. “We thought it might be from the airport – sometimes the jet engines being tested at the maintenance facilities make loud booms” he told us.
Another possibility might be the demolition that started on the same day taking our beloved Candlestick down – Video from Mercury News of this event can be seen HERE . And more photos can be found HERE on
So while we may never know for sure what the loud thump was, we take this opportunity to once again say Good-Bye Candlestick, it’s been a bittersweet love affair and you will be missed.

Below is our conversation from our facebook page as neighbors sussed out the situation;

Anita Walsh; heard it too..

Anjana Anji Patel Felt n heard it too

Sharon Kay Gustilo Meyer I heard/felt it up by Terra Bay. I thought maybe a big truck was passing by on Hillside.

Nick Delorio May of been PG&E up on the mountain.. they did say they will be doing natural gas work or something and there may be loud bumps and noises.. I dunno my only guesa

Kathy Kerrisk We felt it over off of East Grand as well. Shook our entire building.

Jenny Victoria Murga Ceron Heard it up by Hillside also.

Richard S White Rudy De La O

Blanca Perez Vargas Heard it too!!!! Was it an earthquake ??? Or the guys working at hillside blvd ????

Rudy De La O Heard by Gellert/Westbourgh.

Nick Delorio Strange that it was just one single big bump..

Debi Hdz’Horny Yeah! over here in Winston Manor, big boom.

Joanne Evars its pge working on the pipe lines

Manda Wong Heard it over at Genentech. Big thwomp.

Erik Alvarez There’s a website for this. Give it a whirl.

Mareth Vedder Heard it in West Winston Manor!

Nick Delorio Yeah checked the website first figured it didn’t update yet or it was something else. In gonna still assume pg&e

Ashley Bowler I felt it too. It sounded like something heavy in my garage fell but when i loojed in there nothing fell.

YuSha Ng Heard it too!

Charlene Crigger “As part of PG&E’s ongoing efforts to enhance the safety of its gas transmission lines, we are performing a hydrostatic test of the L-132 line from Hillside Boulevard and Holly Ave (South San Francisco), over San Bruno Mountain to Schwerin Street and Geneva Ave (Daly City). This work requires we vent the gas out of a segment of Line 132 at Hillside and Holly in South San Francisco. PG&E is taking steps to mitigate noise and odor and have scheduled the work to create the least impact possible.

Jennifer Smith This doesn’t explain the boom

  • Jennifer Smith Hydrostatic testing is quiet.. Not loud. When venting the air there is no boom either

Jacqui Grant nothing here. Ukiah was the only one listed for today, so far.

Danny Herrera Why is everyone home? Go to work

Olga Mosqueda Patino Lol lol
Alan Lopez My bad guys I thought it was gonna be silent and deadly but I underestimate my own farts

Sheri Medina Heard it, too. It sounded like something big fell over with a huge thud.

Woody Rael Nick you ran into the door open your eyes nucklehead

RebeccaMarie Salaiz why would working on the pipeline make a house shake??

Victoria Neri-Chin I thought someone was breaking in the house. I was about to get loca!!!

Kimberly Rogers- Sutter Nick, It wasn’t an earthquake I checked the website and no earthquakes in Cali. Today except for s small one up by Ukiah

Carlos Rodriguez Mayfair village

Vince Petersen Hydrostatic testing involves putting a vessel under pressure usually with water. So either the pipeline they tested failed or they broke pressure causing a loud rupture. Now the reason it was felt is because the pipeline is laid beneath ground and vibrations can travel miles underground unimpeded.

RebeccaMarie Salaiz wow thank you for the explanation

Jennifer Smith Pipelines are not that loud. Not unless you gas line explosion

Jennifer Smith Hydrostatic tests are quiet…

  • Vince Petersen Hydrostatic tests pressurize pipes up to 1100psi and any rupture at that pressure is going to make an extremely loud noise. The tests are usually quiet your right

Jason Salisbury Heard it here at Buri Buri,,,Pretty big area for pipe testing!

Randy Quok Nope.

Melanie Scola I heard it too on Hemlock. I ran to the front of the house…. thought maybe someone hit my truck….

William Evans Nah. Something blew up i heard it at lunch. It wasn’t an earthquake.

Kris Sargent Heard it here ( ALTA LOMA DR /NEWMAN DR.) 3 times last time it got my attention. .

Paul Nemeth I heard it over by Buri Buri Elementary. .. thought it was an explosion.

Jennifer Smith I was at el camino high school

Keith Bokelund Charges for rock removal on the mountain PGE project

Jennifer Smith Nope. Hydrostatic testing is quiet. Not loud. It wouldn’t be loud unless there was something like a gas pipeline explosion

Vince Petersen Rock removal makes sense

Nanci Brignoli Nagel Live in Sunshine Gardens. Huge boom. Rattled our house, scared our dog to death. Any updates?

Everything South City Not yet but we are still checking into it. Strange to say the least – heard all over the city. {ksw}

Nanci Brignoli Nagel Thank You!



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6 years ago

the words of Lon Simions would you can tell it goodbye. For me I would never the moment my giants game at candlestick park in 1997 were facing the dodgers barry bonds came up to barry bonds hit the home run he raise his arm in the air. i really going to miss candlestick park my dad and i would always drive on highway 101 see candlestick. farewell to candlestick 1960-2103 for the sf 49ers, for the giants 1960-1999 tell it goodbye