SSFPD Media Release: Fraud by phone

South San Francisco, CA  February 16, 2015  Submitted by SSFPD SSFPD logo color

On 2/4/20 15, a South San Francisco resident reported a fraudulent scam to the South San Francisco Police Department. The resident received a telephone call from a company who identified themselves as a software company by the name of “South End Enterprise”. While on the phone, the software company talked the resident into purchasing $279.99 worth of security software for their computer . After the resident purchased the software, the software company provided the resident step by step instructions to allow them to have remote access into their computer so they could install the software.


The resident later received another phone call from the software company telling them that they would be receiving a refund for the software they purchased, due to their license expiring. The software company told the resident that they would wire transfer $1000.00 into their checking account for the refund. The software company then told the resident they would have to create a Western Union account with $700.00 to give back the extra money that was p.laced into their checking account. The resident followed the software company’s instructions and wired the $700.00 into a Western Union account to be given back to the software company. Shortly after sending the money to the software company, the resident discovered that the software company had remote accessed into her computer and transferred $1000.00 from her savings account into her checking account and the money she had given back to the software company was her own money.


The South San Francisco Police Department urges citizens to be aware of these scams and avoid becoming a victim. Residence who are victimized are urged to report the fraud to their local authorities.


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