Reminders for those in our Everything South City community

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Everything South City reminders

  • *Please remember we are all neighbors here and everyone needs to feel welcomed to share information, concerns, alerts, etc. Please reply to posts accordingly and do not belittle those who share concerns.


  • *We apologize for delays in responding to ESC Facebook Private Messages this past week or two. For some reason not all the messages were populated and they are just now showing up. We are catching up as fast as we can.


  • *ESC is community driven and relies on information shared by our neighbors. Please send to, post directly to our facebook page or private message. Regular mail can be sent to Everything South City POB 852, South San Francisco, CA  94083-0852 Telephone 650/784.9473.


  • *Replies to articles on our website require the first time post to be approved to protect us all from spam. Your first comment generally is approved within 24 hours. Your future posts will automatically publish


  • *Please note we share information from many sources and include their contact information within our articles. If more information is needed please contact them directly


  • *ESC is looking for folks to share regular updates from ALL of our schools,local service clubs and other community organizations. ‘Local hook ups by local folks’


  • *Friday is our Facebook FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY day where we put a post out and invite all businesses to promote their specialty, organizations to invite us to events, neighbors to share what is on their minds, etc. We work to share this on our website as often as possible.


  • In response to the community we have a facebook sister page for South City Sales as we work to integrate a classified section on our website. Please feel free to post for sale, trade, giveaway items there.



  • *Everything South City offers advertising on our website which includes promotion on our social media outlets as well. This is the best way to reach your target market and priced to fit any budget. LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE  Please contact us for more information. If you are interested in representing ESC in advertising sales, please contact


  • *Donations to keep our website and social media up and running are gladly accepted via our paypal account on our website.Thank you to those who have donated in the past and to those who will do so today and in the future.


  • Are you receiving our digest? We work to get this out weekly and you can register HERE to receive yours. ESC does NOT sell, share, giveaway your information – we are neighbors and work to act accordingly.


  • *For more information on what makes Everything South City tick please read ‘ABOUT’ on our website and Facebook page.


  • You can find Everything South City at:



Weekly Digest


Thank you for being a great asset to our ESC community, both online and in real life.


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