GAME ON Winner Announced: Rose Chiu wins website design by Savvy Social Strategies

South San Francisco, CA    April 4, 2015   180x180 logo savvy

And the winner of our GAME ON is…… Rose Chiu! Congratulations to Rose, please contact us at so we can hook you up with Savvy Social Strategies and you can begin creating your new website design! Thank you to everyone who played along on this GAME ON, our winner was randomly chosen and we will be holding another GAME ON in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

Buzz: 1. Quality of product/service 2. Positive/Upbeat relationship with clients.

Amanda: customer service and speed

Raul: 1.Outstanding customer relationships 2.Reasonably priced quality product/service

Maria Gomez: location prices

Pat Murray: 1) Good customer service!! 2) good value, BUT, I will pay more if the customer service is great!

Sonia Patricia Cervantes: Good customer service & cleanliness

Ava Jalapeno Popper Romero: the reason why i want savy social strategies to design my webpage because #1 i have a facebook page called Chef Ava Marie and a blog that keeps with my cooking #2 in order to keep my fans up to date with my cooking class events and weekly recipes such, it would be nice to have a webpage desiged by savy social strategies team and it would make my day as a chef. so chef ava marie really needs a webpage to let her foodies go hungry for more

Daryl Pearce: Prices and reputation.

Rose Chiu: Quality of service and the feeling that my business is appreciated.

Elizabeth: fair pricing, good service

Stephen: get things done right the first time and stick to your word

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