More help with local housing; introducing The Housing Industry Foundation

South San Francisco, CA    April 13, 2015 

As housing costs continue to once again soar in our current market, many in our community are finding themselves on the verge of becoming homeless. We continue to see more foreign investors paying top dollar and bidding wars that make owning a home, or even renting a home, far out of reach for too many.

Everything South City continues to receive regular inquires for affordable housing with neighbors looking for 1-2 bedroom apartments or homes for approximately $2000/mo. And sadly there is nothing available. While we do publish HIP HOUSING monthly listings of shared housing in the Peninsula, we are now receiving messages that families may become homeless. We are hoping this information from the Housing Industry Foundation may benefit some in our community that need emergency help to remain in their homes.

The Housing Industry Foundation

  • Company Overview

    Anyone can become homeless.
    The Housing Industry Foundation (HIF) believes that one grant can make a difference. Anyone can become homeless.
    The Housing Industry Foundation (HIF) believes that one grant can make a difference. Through collaboration with emergency service organizations, HIF funds emergency housing grants of up to $1000 to provide the immediate bridge funding necessary to keep individuals and families in their homes.
    HIF also completes renovations at no charge to non-profit housing shelters and transitional living facilities to improve the living conditions of their clients. This keeps the focus on the needs of the community and the mission of each organization ensuring client needs are met.
  • Long Description

    HIF’s housing fund is not welfare – recipients must demonstrate the ability to meet future expenses. We are Silicon Valley’s “hidden angel,” offering a lifeline after unforeseen but temporary financial setbacks such as medical bills, job loss or a death in the family.

    HIF collaborates with a network of partner agencies that provide the casework for our emergency housing grants of up to $2,500 benefiting low-income households threatened with homelessness. Grants are funded within 24 hours of request and may be used for rent, mortgage, security deposit or utilities. Requests must be due to an unforeseen emergency and clients must demonstrate their ability to meet future expenses.

  • General Information

    • By providing rent, security deposits, or utility costs we can stabilize housing and keep people in their homes.
    • HIF’s unique foundation structure and donor community ensure operational costs are covered and that 100% of annual funding raised go to housing grants and renovations.
    • The compassion and care demonstrated by HIF is not designed to be long-term assistance to the chronically homeless, but an emergency bridge to families and individuals in need.
    • Last year, HIF provided $281,000 in emergency housing grants.
    • Since 1989, HIF has completed 74 renovation projects for 49 non-profit shelters.
    • We are making a significant impact in two Bay Area counties; Santa Clara and San Mateo partnering with 21 community organizations.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to help individuals and families remain in or return to stable housing and to assist with special housing projects or renovations in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. In addition, HIF supports efforts to identify long-term solutions to the lack of affordable housing in our community.

    The Housing Industry Foundation is a key partner in the community, working with emergency service agencies that evaluate and qualify recipients for emergency housing grants. Through these strategic partnerships, HIF keeps operational and administrative costs low and its funding focused on serving the community.

    The organization’s unique framework has remained the same since its inception; the Board of Directors provides all operational funding so that 100% of fundraising contributions go directly to support two programs; our emergency housing fund and renovation projects. The Board further extends the organization’s community reach by gaining the support of industry leaders who can leverage their resources, funding and skills to complete renovation projects providing knowledge and expertise in many areas; electrical work, construction, painting, and flooring just to name a few.

    This interactive map shows our grants by county since 2013. Click on the link to see areas south of San Mateo County

    Housing Industry grants by county for emergency funding since Jan 2013


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