South San Francisco neighbors sound off on drivers vs pedestrians

South San Francisco, CA   April 18, 2015    From Everything South City Facebook Page 4.17.2015

injured distracted drivers street signEarlier today Tracy posted this reminder to our Facebook page – please take heed!

“Just a reminder- Pedestrians have the right of way in the crosswalk. Nobody cares how late or impatient you are. You are suppose to wait until they are crossing to make a traffic move. I say this because someone almost hit my daughter in the crosswalk at EHS!”

We are attaching the results of last week’s STEP program that ‪#‎SSFPD‬ & Daly City Police Department headed up in our communities for the purpose of bringing more awareness to driver safety, not being distracted and really watching out for pedestrians.

And while there were many protesting here on ESC about the saturation of police on the streets and decoys, etc. that day, the bigger picture is keeping our kids/families/friends out of the ground in Colma or out of the hospital with life changing medical problems.

It is amazing to see how many people are still texting and driving – whatever makes you think you, and what you have to say, is that important to even put anyone else at risk? ‪#‎StashThePhone‬ – pay attention – we’ve had 3 kids hit in our city in the past month with other near misses. Wake up South City – Distracted Drivers Awareness program continues through April and hopefully we will take it to heart and let it continue as long as we drive.

Drive Safe and Peace Out!

Below are comments from our neighbors:


  • Renee This also happened to Jamie as she got off at El Camino and orange. The light was green for her in a guy almost ran it and almost hit her.everyone was yelling at the guy but he just took off


  • Belinda Like everyone’s in a hurry and can’t be bothered to stop for anything!


  • David People have to stop when folks are in a crosswalk, entering the crosswalk or waiting to cross. One evening I was attempting to cross in the crosswalk on San Bruno Avenue (between Rolling Pin and Araujo’s) and the cars would not slow down to allow me to cross. At one point, I finally began to enter the crosswalk and I got honked at by cars flying by. It’s ridiculous.Also, if a car is stopped waiting for a pedestrian in a crosswalk and you’re in an adjacent lane, you’d better stop too.


  • Gina I walk to the SSF Bart station and that’s one intersection I hate.


  • Denny Here in Oregon, especially Ashland, once a pedestrian steps off the sidewalk, ALL vehicles must STOP and cannot proceed until the pedestrian reaches the opposite sidewalk.


  • Tracy I love Oregon! Best drivers, I swear!


  • Alicia That’s the law here in California but no body follows it, not even the cops
  • Denny I got a ticket for turning right at a stop sign for not using my turn signal.
  • German This happened to me in grand by the church. People speeding on grand and not making their stops for pedestrians


  • Jim This city needs a speed bump at every intersection. Slow the hell down, everybody!!


  • Karen When I stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk I turn my emergency flashers on hoping people in the other lanes figure they need to stop.


  • Cobie- How about some LED in-pavement warning lights for drivers for crosswalks that are not at traffic light/sign intersection.


  • Tracy It was my daughter who almost got hit this morning. I saw in my rearview as it happened. She was more than 1/2 way in the crosswalk and they didn’t turn behind her, IT WAS IN FRONT OF HER! She turned around alarmed. I was going to chase after then and give then words, but what would that solve? Believe me, I. Was. Pissed.


  • Wendy Another bad intersection for pedestrian traffic is Sequoia/Mission & Oak/Mission… no stop signs on Mission, and people just don’t feel like they have to stop
  • Jennifer We really need a stop sign at Sequoia and Mission – especially with that new transit community going in.


  •  Sandie I was driving westbound on Grand Avenue and saw a pedestrian stepping off the curb and start walking when a pick up truck literally cut him off! How do these people get their license??? Always Always stop for pedestrians!!! Geezzz!!!


  • Tracy My daughter just informed me that the car that almost hit her was a less than a foot away! And the driver is a senior at her school.


  • Christine I agree with all of these post. But what I love is when someone just walks into the crosswalk without looking. Warring headphones on the phone with two seconds left on the don’t walk


  • Debi Having had my kids graduate from ECHS, the bigger problem is the kids not paying attention, jay walking, playing chicken with the cars and just being disrespectful to the traffic. Many times, while waiting for my son in the lots, I would call the SSFPD to come out because the kids were just not crossing where they should have been, and cutting cars off, very dangerous on their part, not to mention half of them are so distracted by their cells, headphones , social media their not even watching where they are going.! Not totally the driver’s fault, the kids need to pay attention!


  • Christina A little girl was hit right outside my place a month ago. It’s scary! We all need to slow down & pay attention & wait for them to get across the street safely!!


  • Sally Slow down people an get off the damn cellphone while driving or even crossing the street.


  • Noel It goes both ways. Pedestrian and drivers needs to pay attention all the time! You have pedestrian walking with their cell phones and drivers driving with their cell phones. Drive safely and walk safely!


  • Maria I was dropping off my sons friend on Commercial and had my emergency lights on while he was getting out. The jeep pulled behind me and then sped up trying to get around me almost hitting the kid. My heart seriously dropped.


  • Dolores Yes indeed. It also helps when the pedestrian looks both ways before stepping onto the street. Just like they teach in kindergarten


  • William What they need to do is fix that light when u turn off el Camino to your left to the Starbucks area. I was late to school because it took 3 minutes for it to turn green when there were no other cars in the intersection.


  • Heidie Your daughter with the senior at school should approach him and have a speech ready. Better ye YOU be with her. I would.


  • Heidie HE’LL NEVER FORGET IT and it will empower your daughter and give her confidence.


  • Thomas. And the same is true for pedestrians. When a car has started into the intersection, just because pedestrians have the right of way doesn’t mean that you get to start crossing and a car is expected to stop. Pedestrians have this holier than thou attitude. PEDESTRIANS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY , FACT. But i have seen many of an occasion where a car started into the intersection while the person was walking up to the corner, not even in the corner yet. And the pedestrian proceeds to just keep walking as if the car didn’t have the right of way and or the ability to just stop. We all have to work this together and it isn’t always the drivers fault
  • Joshua I threw a glass bottle at some h*e bi*ch windshield and it broke… F*ck*n almost hit me on grand… Stupid a$$ bi*ch

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