State Water Resources Control Board Drought Update from CalWater; SSF to reduce by 10%

South San Francisco, CA    April 9, 2015  Submitted by California Water Service Company Water-Conservation

Drought Update *SSF to reduce by 10%

On April 7, 2015, the State Water Resources Control Board (Board) issued a draft framework for complying with the Governor’s executive order last week to reduce urban, potable water use statewide by 25%. This draft framework is the first step in the process to establish regulations.

The Board is basing mandated water use reductions for each utility on water usage in September 2014. Proposed reductions are as follows (based on residential gallons per capita per day [gpcd]):

Tier GPCD Reduction
Tier 1 Under 55 10%
Tier 2 55-110 20%
Tier 3 110-165 25%
Tier 4 Over 165 35%

What category is my district in?

This draft framework may change after the Board receives public comment. The actual proposed regulations are expected to be available for review on April 17, and the Board will vote on those regulations during its meeting on May 5. (*NOTE: SSF  falls in Tier 1 and would need to reduce by a proposed 10%)

California Water Service (Cal Water) has been working diligently with customers to reduce their water use. Our robust customer outreach plan has included customer bill inserts, press releases to media, updates on social media, print and radio educational advertising, television and movie theater public service announcements, a dedicated page on our web site with the latest news about the drought, instructional videos, and drought-tolerant landscaping classes. We are also working to roll out a turf removal rebate program in the near future.

Important points to note:

  • The draft framework released by the Board is the first step it is taking to craft a set of regulations to comply with Governor Brown’s executive order, mandating a statewide 25% reduction in potable, urban water use from 2013 by February 28, 2016.
  • We are reviewing our existing conservation programs and working to implement new programs to determine how best to meet the requirements the Board will establish in early May.
  • We will work with all of our customers to help them reduce their water use and comply with regulations adopted by the Board. In the coming weeks, we will provide customers with updated information on the drought and how we plan to achieve the water use targets established by the Board.
  • To help our customers reduce their water use now, consistent with the Governor’s order, we offer rebates on high-efficiency devices, smart irrigation controller rebates, high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles at no charge (in most districts), conservation kits, local conservation reports, and educational resources as noted above. More information on all of these programs can be found at in the conservation section.
  • We will be working to determine the most efficient way to make 2013 customer water use data available to customers.

The latest news

To help conserve water

  • Conservation rebates and programs: A variety of conservation rebates and programs are available in most water systems.
  • Conservation kits: Single-family residential customers can get conservation kits featuring a range of water-saving plumbing retrofit fixtures.
  • Conservation tips: Changes big and small you can use to save water.
  • Local conservation ordinances: If you have any questions regarding these ordinances, including whether or not your city mandates water conservation, please contact your city government.
  • Instructional videos: Information that can help you monitor your water use.
  • Report water waste: Alert your local district office if you observe water being wasted.
  • Social media: You can follow Cal Water on Facebook and Twitter for the most recent news and conservation tips.

Calwater Videos CLICK HERE and HERE

More local SSF information on the DROUGHT can be found HERE


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