Cyclists – Pedestrians; South San Francisco Govt needs to hear from you

South San Francisco, CA                       May 11, 2015                  Submitted by Andrew Hernandez

Cyclists' opinions are being sought by SSF

Cyclists’ opinions are being sought by SSF

This survey was sent to me because I bike to work most days. Please share so the South San Francisco leaders get more input from the community. CLICK HERE to link to the survey.

The City of South San Francisco is updating their Bicycle & Pedestrian database. By completing this survey, you can help us identify the most used routes and highest priority locations for improvement in South San Francisco for all residents and visitors, alike. Your input is valuable to this planning process!

Please note – this survey will close on May 31 , 2015

1 comment for “Cyclists – Pedestrians; South San Francisco Govt needs to hear from you

  1. Ellen
    May 28, 2015 at 11:52 am

    Unless cyclists designate barricaded or dedicated (bike only streets) and safe bike paths on city streets, it is nothing less than insane to think that lines on the streets will protect bikers from motor vehicle injuries and deaths. I’m for biking, but we must choose and look at how other communities handle the safety issue. It is often not addressed.

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