FC Strikers Youth Soccer League Open Try Outs June 14th

South San Francisco, CA  May 9, 2015 Strikers Youth Soccer Team 2015

The FC Strikers will be holding open try outs on June 14th at Gellert Park in Daly City. To register for the try outs go to the FC Strikers website CLICK HERE

2-3pm u/9 and u/10 candidates

3-4pm u/11 and u/12 candidates

4-5pm u/13 and u/14 candidates


Who Are the Strikers?

FC Strikers, established in 2010, is a soccer club based in Daly City, CA.  Our goal is to promote the development of young athletes into solid performers in the field of soccer, providing a foundation for them to become the best players they can be. In addition, we strive to help them build confidence in themselves away from the game as they grow and become young adults.

FC Strikers is a Not for Profit 501(c)(3) organization. Affiliated with CalNorth (formerly known as CYSA – North) District 1 and South San Francisco United Youth Soccer League (SSF United).
Why Play for Strikers  ….

FC Strikers believe that having fun and developing as a player are inseparable and we promote a spirit of cooperation and competition.  Our club foster the physical and mental development that is necessary to excel at soccer in a healthy, character-building environment that encourages each player to achieve his highest potential.

 I’ve always believed that soccer team experience is much bigger than beating other teams. Our kids must have fun, gain friends, and excel in the sport in the process – winning games are just an added bonus.” – Coach Eric

Coaching Staff ….

All FC Strikers’ coaching staff has passed a background check through the Cal-North.  As we go forward our staff will attend Coaches Accreditation Programs and coaches clinics to continue their coaching education.  Each year our staff will work to improve their coaching techniques, drills, and how to interact positively with players, co-coaches, and parents.  Coaches are expected to communicate with players and parents in a constructive, positive, and professional manner.
Leagues/Tournaments/Traveling  ….

FC Strikers  competes in CCSL North league. Additionally,  we attend different tournaments during the season.  Travel events are based on the teams interest.  We want to offer the opportunity for our players  to be exposed to the top competition.

Eric Misa President,  Founder

Eric Misa President, Founder

Eric Misa,President,  Founder

Coach Eric is a seasoned coach who emphasize the importance of team work and good team chemistry. He prefer players that performs well with the rest of the team, than a strong individual player. Currently serve as the CalNorth Recreation Coordinator for District 1.

Put kids best interest first and the rest will follow”


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