June BINGO at SSF Boys & Girls Club

South San Francisco, CA   May 28, 2015  

Thanks to Gigi Santinelli Santamaria for letting us know the current price for BINGO at the Boys & Girls Club on Orange Avenue. The cost is $20 or 3 packs, warm ups $5 each, all additional packs $5 each, Triple Star $10 each, all Strips $5 each, Treasure Chest $5 each, plus Power Ball, and lots of Pull Tabs. These prices are for Sundays and Mondays.

bingo june 2015

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7 years ago

specially GIGI… everytime i call her she ignores me cause I only buy 5 pull tubs everytime

7 years ago

I dont like the people selling pull tabs in ssf boys and girls club… they always go to the person that buys a lot of pull tabs even u call the first.. they will pretend that they didnt hear you or they will say let me get her/ his first…