SSF Neighbors warn Keep Small Pets In While Coyotes Roam The Area

South San Francisco, CA           May 31, 2015

This is behind my house at Larch at Sign Hill Photo: RamonVelia De La Cruz T

This is behind my house at Larch at Sign Hill
Photo: RamonVelia De La Cruz

While those long timers in South San Francisco have witnessed a good variety of wildlife it still can be a novelty for some and it is worthy to remind neighbors that their small pets could be seen as prey for some of them, especially our local coyotes. One neighbor sent us this reminder last evening:

“I wanted to give folks a “heads up” about coyote activity in our area (Hillside/Hemlock/Franklin). Last night around 10 pm I heard a group of coyotes howling and chasing (I assume) something near our house. My neighbors also confirmed hearing them at that time, and again around 11:30. This serves as a reminder to be sure pets are safely inside at night, and to be cautious when venturing out at night…”

After sharing this on our Facebook page we received a few other warnings as shared below:


Sean: They are all over….pretty typical especially this time of year. I saw a pack of three on Greendale/Galway area around midnight. They won’t go after people…but small dogs/cats/rabbits/fowl… on. Take care of your pets and bring them in.

Mimi: We live in this neighborhood and they howl and cry every night around that time. Sometimes for 30-45minutes!! And it sounds like a ton of them. They’ve also been seen roaming the streets (Larch/Hemlock) more then once before in the middle of the night. So please make sure your pets are safely indoors before 10pm!


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3 comments for “SSF Neighbors warn Keep Small Pets In While Coyotes Roam The Area

  1. crystalwolf
    June 2, 2015 at 7:55 pm

    A pup has been around Holy Cross by OMR. He is afraid of the ravens (lol) but curious about dogs and humans. PLEASE do NOT FEED coyotes or any other wildlife!
    If you walk at dawn and dusk carry a bright LED flashlight and a noisemaker ( I carry a can filled with bb’s) We ♥ our native wildlife but they must not be habituated to humans! Remember Romeo beloved wolf of Juneau, AK
    He most likely walked right up to his killers. 🙁 The coyotes are looking for gophers and other small animals. Keep all Kitties in and small dogs. My big White German Shepherd does not like the pup and barks viciously at him. I am afraid he will run out onto OMR! Remember they are more afraid of YOU than we are of them. I find it incredibly sacred and blessed to see him in the late afternoon sun…but I yell at him “Go hoooome”! and rattle my rattle. He needs to know to go away from humans. I’m happy to see on SSF that we appreciate our wildlife. ♥
    Please do not feed wildlife! Let wild be wild!
    (except birds)
    Soooo anyone have pics to share of these magnificent creatures?

    • Merton
      November 7, 2015 at 8:16 pm

      What’s OMR?

  2. Merton
    November 7, 2015 at 8:15 pm

    My father-in-law ran into two coyotes, while walking his German shepard, who split up and flanked them. If he hadn’t taken out his belt and yelled at them, I don’t know what would have happened. His dog might have protected them both, but then if bitten, she’d have to get rabies shots.

    Luckily, they ran off, before we would ever know.

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