SSFUSD Board Meeting Minutes From April 2015

South San Francisco, CA    May 11, 2015  Submitted by Pat Murray  SSFUSD logo color

From the April 24, 2015 Board Meeting minutes…

President Bush read the following statement:
“As many of you know, the Board of Trustees made the decision to ask an independent third party to undertake an evaluation of the working and educational environment at the District’s El Camino High School. This assessment, which was recently completed,
focused on the general campus environment and it did not address particular departments, such as academics and athletics.
The third party review validated that there are organizational strengths at El Camino High School, including a highly dedicated and professional staff and motivated students. The report also validated that there are opportunities for us to work on improving the learning and working environment at the school. The District, as a learning organization dedicated to continuous improvement, has already begun work on implementing measures that will make El Camino High School an even more extraordinary place to learn and work. Programs such as “Facing History and Ourselves” and restorative practices and a focus on enhanced and improved communication among administrators, staff, parents and students are part of this effort. The Board of Trustees will identify a new leader for the school who will work with the Board and all stakeholders in the community to continue to move the school forward.”

Kevin Sanders, a District Bond Construction Manager, advised the Board he had submitted his resignation and thanked everyone for his time working in the District.

Julie McCarron, a Hillside Spec. Ed. teacher reported that staff was not involved with the decisions at their site, especially with students being returned to portables. She said the needs of staff, students and their programs were not taken into account.

Laurie Dolly, a speech therapist, who works at Hillside, said there are currently five programs at that site. She added that Director Jason Krienke was not included in plans to change the school and encouraged Board members to visit the site when classes are
in session.

John Jacobson, a community member, said he has heard public comments from Trustee Goodman since October and wants to hear from other Board members. He said reporter Aaron Kinney has not been able to speak with other Trustees. He asked “Who speaks for the Board”? President Bush said she had talked to Mr. Kinney and he only wanted to talk about negative things at ECHS, not about positive things going on in the District. For that reason she did not speak with him.

Michele Batista, an ECHS teacher, said the school needs more resources and programs such as auto shop and vocational classes. She asked why the two high schools do not have the same programs. Ms. Batista added that for good talent, salaries need to be increased.

Patrick Ardinger, an ECHS teacher, thanked President Bush, Vice President Lucy and Dr. McEvoy for spending time with their staff and reaching out to the site. It shows they are invested in the school. He stated that teacher retention requires higher pay and
compared SSFUSD salaries with other districts. He wants a $10K raise and an additional 12% increase over three years.

Rhonda Clements, a SSFHS teacher, spoke about her personal sacrifices being a teacher and supports a raise for them.

Paul Petterson, a SSFHS teacher, said previous teachers who spoke out for salary and benefits last year have left the District. He said District reserves can be used to give teachers competitive wages and better health benefits.

Eric Jacobson, an ECHS teacher, stated that teachers want to stay in the District and must be able to afford to stay. He said a substantial increase in salary is needed.

Bonnie Orendorff, a Monte Verde teacher, said she is concerned with the Superintendent revolving door and search firm money is being diverted from students. She stated that the Board “practices personal politics” and questioned “how long before there is a target on the new Superintendent’s back”.

Kerry Forni, a Sunshine Gardens teacher, spoke about the proposed municipal playground at their site. She said the site voted to oppose it and a public park will compromise student safety and increase weekend vandalism. Ms. Forni asked for the
Board’s support against the playground.


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