Steven Ponce-Ramirez Throws Hat in Ring for SSF City Council

South San Francisco, CA   May 14, 2015

Steven Ponce-Ramirez is throwing his hat in the ring for the City Council race this November 2015. Please heed his advice and be sure you are registered to vote – and when registered go and VOTE! Below is from Steven;

Good evening citizens of South San Francisco. My name is Steven Ponce-Ramirez I am 18 years old and I am running for a seat on the South San Francisco City Council come this November. I am running because I want the younger generation of South City residents to have a voice and let their thought and ideas be shared and heard. It’s is important that all resident young and old come together and work as one to help our great city of South San Francisco maintain it’s beauty and continue to strive as the wonderful innovating city that we are. As most who run for public office I will not make false promises that will not be kept and fulfilled. The only thing that I will promise is that if I am elected into city council come this November the citizens of this great city will be my number one priority. I will make sure the thought, ideas, and concerns of both our younger and older generation are heard and kept in the loop. The best way to help me out during this election is to make sure you are registered to vote and go out to vote come this November! You can pick up a voter registration form at your local post office and at city hall. You can also register online at register to

Remember citizens of South City you have the power to form the city that you want. Together we can continue to improve South San Francisco for the better.
Thank you

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