Open Application Period for CHP Cadet July 6th-9th 2015

South San Francisco, CA     June 30, 2015   Submitted by California Highway Patrol

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The California Highway Patrol, Golden Gate Division covers the nine Bay Area counties, and is comprised of twelve Area offices, three Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facilities (CVEF), a consolidated Communications Center, and an Air Operations Unit. Each office and CVEF was strategically placed to provide the best and most efficient service to the people of the Bay Area. Our mission is to provide the highest level of safety, service and security, consistent with the Department’s goals, to those who live and drive within the Bay Area, as well as to assist our local allied law enforcement agencies when requested.

Golden Gate Division is a unique and busy metropolitan area that brings many challenges to both the motoring public and the CHP officers who patrol it. With the Bay Area being a major tourist area and host to many different events, traffic volumes on freeways fluctuate on any given day. Patrol officers provide traffic enforcement and general law enforcement services to millions of motorists on extensive highway structures that include interstate freeways, U.S. Routes, State Routes, highways, and expressways. Interstate transportation of commerce, recreational travel, and the overall traffic volume acts as large contributors to the Bay Area’s economy and its transportation issues. In order to facilitate these transportation issues, the Bay Area has engineered one of the most complex freeway and highway systems throughout the state.

In order to accomplish our mission, our personnel are committed to our organizational values of respect for others, fairness, ethical practices, and equitable treatment for all who serve. This is the foundation of our pledge to public safety and service. Our personnel must be highly trained as they are called upon to patrol the metropolitan elevated freeway structures and bridges; as well as, the rural farming and agriculture communities. Eight toll bridges, more than any other CHP Division in the state, are the arteries that move the lifeblood of commercial and commuter vehicles over the bays. The CHP accepts the responsibility for the efficiency of vehicular travel upon freeways and the service to its motoring public to ensure their utmost protection.

Golden Gate Division takes this challenge completely, focusing enforcement of the California Vehicle Code, particularly in areas of speed, safety belt/child restraints, and driving under the influence. In addition to enforcement, officers patrol state properties and educate the motoring public on the state traffic laws through community events and the installation of child restraints as a means to maintain and emphasize traffic safety. When our education programs fail to gain compliance, our proactive enforcement serves as a reminder to obey the law. Officers assigned to road patrol duties, vigorously enforce the California Vehicle Code to modify unlawful behavior and enhance traffic safety for all motorists, passengers and pedestrians. Inspection facilities are in constant operation focusing enforcement of laws, regulations, and rules as they relate to the safe operation of commercial vehicles and drivers. Answering “911” calls, assisting allied agencies, and dispatching officers is the great responsibility that rests on our sole Communications Center. Our officers are dispatched into some of the most dangerous streets in California to assist with civil disturbances, natural and manmade disasters, and incidents needing additional emergency law enforcement responses. The intention of Golden Gate Division is to keep you safe on the road, twenty four hours a day, seven days per week, and through all four seasons of the year by providing the highest levels of safety, service, and security. ​


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