SSFPD Media Release: Theft by False Pretenses

South San Francisco, CA                     June 16, 2015              Submitted by SSFPDSSFPD logo color

On Monday June 15th, a 64-year-old San Bruno resident was approached in a parking lot on the 400 block of South Airport Blvd. in South San Francisco by a man purporting to be selling very expensive leather jackets at a discounted rate. The suspect offered to sell the jackets for 10% of their retail cost. The suspect was an excellent salesman and came across as believable and trustworthy, but it was later determined that the jackets were not what he claimed.


This is a common scam being perpetrated across the US. In this case, the perpetrator spoke with an Italian accent and claimed to be a salesman from Italy who did not want to transport the merchandise back to Europe.


If you are approached by anyone offering to sell you merchandise in a public space, such as in this incident, please contact the police. The non-emergency line to the South San Francisco Pol ice Department is 650-877-8900.

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