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South San Francisco, CA     June 10, 2015  grand blvd Initiative logo

While our City and our region continue to see more development many residents are concerned about increased traffic along the El Camino Real which is one of the ‘transit’ areas that will see high density build out. Many point the finger at the City of South San Francisco, and while our City officials have voting power, it is important to note regional bodies that also impact what happens in our own home town.

The Grand Boulevard Initiative is only one of these regional entities that is working to impact growth and transportation along Mission Blvd, El Camino Real and the Alameda, from Daly City through San Mateo and Santa Clara Cities.

We believe knowledge is power and this insight will help our neighbors understand a broader view of what we see occurring thereby helping with the dialogue between residents, workers, and our City.

From the organization’s information:

The Grand Boulevard Initiative aims to help El Camino Real match the creativity and high quality of life that Peninsula communities are so proud of.

We are creating people friendly places, through projects like safer sidewalks and crosswalks, parks and green spaces, improved transportation options, and reasonably-priced home and apartment development. The Grand Boulevard Initiative is working to create beautiful and accessible destinations along El Camino Real, so it can be a place people come to enjoy, rather than just a highway.

The Grand Boulevard Task Force is the main policy-making body for the Initiative. The Task Force is made up of elected officials from each city and county along the roadway, developers, private businesses, labor groups, and representatives of government agencies like transit and regional planning agencies. The leaders of our Task Force are the General Manager of the San Mateo County Transit District and the president of Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network. The Grand Boulevard is a voluntary coalition, not a legal entity. All decision-making rests with member organizations (individual cities, counties, and other participating government agencies). The Grand Boulevard Initiative is not a top-down organization—action happens on the local level.

Today, even though it passes through the heart of so many Peninsula communities, El Camino is pretty inhospitable to people. We can change that. The Grand Boulevard Initiative will help make more of what our communities need and love: vibrant neighborhoods, a thriving business community, and a strong system of public transportation.

Additional information can be found on their website CLICK HERE. Any questions on this Initiative or on the Task force maybe directed to

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