Bonnie Tognetti Shares Brentwood 1948 Parcel Map

South San Francisco, CA   July 30,2015   Submitted by Bonnie Tognetti

I was going through my parents collection of old memorabilia and found the deed to their house in Brentwood along with this postcard. Thought it perfect for #TBT, Throw Back Thursday. We lived at 234 Rockwood Drive. Our cousins, inc. Dale Kuersten, lived around the corner on Springwood Way. Terry Burns lived down the end of Rockwood near the El Camino. Iron Nancy Sinclair (nee Bianchi) lived up on Rosewood but I don’t see those houses here. Any other Brentwood kids around?

I also came across this old clipping from the Enterprise Journal and wanted to share it with others.

Brentwood 1948 parcel map

Courtesy of Bonnie Tognetti

Courtesy of Bonnie Tognetti

Courtesy of Bonnie Tognetti

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