El Camino High School Seeks Varsity Baseball Head Coach

South San Francisco, CA   July 1, 2015     Submitted by Coach Jake Eric Jacobson

One of the least favorite jobs an Athletic Director has is make out a Baseball Schedule because we do not have a Head Coach in place at the time. If you are interested in being the 2016 Varsity Head Coach at El Camino go to the South San Francisco Unified School District Web page. Go to job opportunities, and Ed Join. Fill it all out and submit it online and wait for a call.The job will be open for two weeks online, and then Jeff Cosico and myself will interview all applicants who meet the qualifications needed to be a Varsity Head Coach. All the qualifications are listed right there on Ed Join.

Position Information

Employer: South San Francisco Unified School District

Contact: Jeff Cosico  jcosico@ssfusd.org

2015-2016 Spring season
Part Time

Requirements for Applying

  • Demonstrates three-years of successful experience as a high school coach or equivalent experience as player of club coach.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the fundamental skills and techniques, as well as the advanced techniques in the sport.
  • Demonstrates successful ability to teach, enforce, advocate and model appropriate behavior, character traits, educational values to student-athletes.
  • Demonstrates successful ability to teach, organize and supervise student-athletes. Demonstrates successful management and organizational skills.
  • Demonstrates successful ability to work with parent groups, administrators, staff and students.
  • Current CPR/First Aid, NFHS or ASEP certification

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