2015 Water Conservation Kids’ Poster Contest Winners

South San Francisco, CA   August 27, 2015   Submitted by City of South San Francisco

As part of the City’s efforts to raise awareness about conserving water during this historic drought, the City held a Water Conservation Kids’ Poster Contest. The contest began May 31, 2015 and ended July 31, 2015. Nearly 100 K-5th grade children entered the poster contest. At last night’s City Council meeting, 18 students were recognized. 
Here are the 2015 Water Conservation Poster Contest winners, by age group:
1st place – Donovan Rodriguez
2nd place – Peony Hui
3rd place – Lilliann Piper
First grade:
1st place – Kadence Yip
2nd place – Jazel Lexine Oblepias
3rd place – Lucille Esquivel
Second grade:
1st place – Agnes Qiu
2nd place – Cammie Rodriguez
3rd place –  Monique Geronimo
Third grade:
1st place – Calan Ciardella
2nd place – Devan DeNatale Nava
3rd place – Jeremiah Diosomito
Fourth grade:
1st place – Kaitlyn Campos
2nd place – Andrea Abraham
3rd place – Charlize Rodriguez
Fifth grade:
1st place – Caitlyn Leung
2nd place – Nikaella Mariano
3rd place – Christian Ibarra
All of the winning posters will be displayed in City Hall. You can also go to the City’s website at ssf.net and see the winning posters.
water posters 2015 ssfnet

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