Opening Day in SSFUSD Goes Smoothly

South San Francisco, CA    August 14, 2015     Submitted by John Horgan SSFUSDSSFUSD logo color

The first day of 2015-16 classes for students in the South San Francisco Unified School District on Aug. 12 went smoothly, according to Superintendent Dr. Shawnterra Moore. Speaking during an Aug. 13 meeting of the District Board of Trustees, she stated that opening day was “very positive,” adding that there were very few glitches.

She later noted that attendance on the first day was 9,026 pupils in grades kindergarten through 12. Board President Judy Bush concurred with the Superintendent’s view of opening day and said it bodes well for the new academic year. Separately, other District officials indicated that their just-completed 2015 summer school, in all of its aspects, educated 653 pupils. Of those, 444 were high school students, of whom 18 achieved necessary credits for graduation.


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