SSF Labor Ready Accepting Applications

South San Francisco, CA     August 21, 2015       Submitted by Labor Ready

South San Francisco’s Labor Ready has jobs available for those with all skill levels including assembly line, manufacturing, light industrial and food production. While the company is located at 1103 Airport Blvd SSF, you can apply for work online by CLICKING HERE.  For more information call 650/583.8373



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6 years ago

I sent my son there once and the dispatch lady was so rude to him she said to him “what are you an idiot you can find the stupid address to the job” she embarrassed him for no reason, for that reason i would not recommend you send your young adults there, too bad it could be a great asset to our community and build confidence in students who haven’t graduated and are looking for something to do to get started. I would hope that they have changed and treat the people who come to them for work with dignity and respect, we understand this work is not for college graduates so hopefully you read this and relay this message to your staff.