SSF Proposes New Tax Measure ‘W’ on November Ballot

South San Francisco, CA       August 29, 2015       From  

Information About Measure “W”

The City has been meeting with the community for weeks to solicit their feedback about maintaining essential services. Thanks to the more than 1,100 residents who responded to surveys, the 500 who attended Town Halls, and the nearly 900 constituents who were interviewed through the phone and email!

As a result of this feedback, the City Council unanimously placed Measure W on the November 3 ballot to provide locally-controlled funding that could be used to address community priorities including public safety, streets, and senior services.

Locally-controlled funding helps ensure current levels of police protection, gang prevention services, and fire safety services are maintained in the coming years. Additionally, the City must address over $18 million in street maintenance. Local funding will help properly maintain streets, fix potholes, and prevent our roads from falling into further disrepair.

If enacted, the Measure will help maintain and enhance local services, including:

  • 9-1-1 emergency response times
  • Neighborhood police patrols
  • Crime and gang suppression programs
  • Programs for seniors and disabled residents

The City of South San Francisco prides itself on being fiscally prudent and accountable, with balanced budgets that address the services important to our community. In that tradition, Measure W requires independent citizen oversight, mandatory financial audits, and public reporting to make sure the funding is spent on community priorities.
For more information about Measure W, visit If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call (650) 829-6603. We will also be continuing to update the community about how to participate in the County’s new, all-mail ballot program.

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