Neighbors Share Memories As South San Francisco Turns 107 years old

South San Francisco, CA    September 21, 2015     From Everything South City Facebook Page

Photo: SSF fb pg

Photo: SSF fb pg

The City of South San Francisco is celebrating 107 years this month and we shared the photo of our City Hall on our facebook page. Below is the conversation that took place while nearly 550 readers LIKED this post in agreement – Happy Birthday South City!  Share your memories in our comment section below!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR CITY ‪#‎SSF‬ 107 years strong and getting better!
So what’s your best memory of our City?

 Cristina when we had parades on Grand Ave. and art and wine festival. So.City has nothing now

 Robert My grandparents emigrated from Tuscany to SSF in 1905-1906. Hometown for a number of kin and me. The city did not become incorporated in 1908. When my grandparents immigrated to SSF the population was about 1,600. They lived on First Lane as did I. Town was called “Baden” before incorporation, I believe.

 Cristina Great warm people. When I visit I always run into people I knew and they greet me as though I’d never left. Love it there.

 Kim Performing on those very steps, for our city, as a dancer for Schumacher’s School of Dance.

 Asa The Penny Carnival!

 Ava My grandparents were originally from Colorado Rockies but they made a life here in 1954 they had 2 kids Ava not me, the other And Marty my dad. And my dad loves his home just like me. My mom carol was originally from Holland Michigan in 1954 but lived in LA for 20 years but in 1982 she moved to . south city and loves it

 Pam I loved everything about my hometown SSF.. Lived there 55 years. Especially miss the weather. ?

 Nicolas So that’s why there’s been the flashing blue lights at night!

 Victoria My son n I love the light tree in Sept for Juliana’s Journey heart emoticon

 Nancy Happy So. City

 Elsie Happy Birthday SSF.

 Kay I remember walking to the library and getting a new book to read. Taking it outside and reading it under a tree. Loved that Library!

 JoAnn Being in a city parade!! So special.

 Helena Happy Birthday SF

 Ligaya Happy birthday South City!

 Rosanna I always loved Sees Candies putting up each holiday display (especially Santa and the Easter Bunny). My mom used to decorate the chocolate Easter eggs at Sees. She always reminded us of Lucille Ball and the chocolate episode! I also love the Christmas tree each year. I think my best memories were living between two aunts in Brentwood (on the same street). It was always nice to have family close by. Who didn’t love Avalon Elementary and Southwood Jr. High. Fun memories and sweet friends!

 Sway Since when has the double helix been SSF’s flag?

 Dolores I would say The art & wine festival. ..and Big Bite

 Roxanne Amazing hometown, at least one of my cities.

 Nic Grand Central Bar. Too soon gone.

 Michele I love hanging out with my speech and language delayed preschoolers.

 Marty My grandparents lived in SSF about 80 or so years ago. I ha
d an uncle that fell off a swing either at Baden or spruce school . He died and since then no swings in schools. My grandparents moved to the city.

 Christal That looks nice

 June Loved raising my children there but hated the wind. I now live in an area in Diamond springs where there is hardly any wind. Love it. I had family that lived close by. Was able to walk to Grand Ave. Kids had lots of freedom.

 Tim My city shares my birthday

  • Everything South City Happy Birthday Tim Blanchard!

 Mary I loved living there all those years ago

 Christopher When it snowed in 1976.

 Dori Happy moving from foggy DC to a sunny /windy city… And felt honored when Mrs. Bulos invited me to be a contributor for the SSF history book … proud to have our Filipino families and friends are in it ….

 Jaime I grew up in So City!, on Village Way Back in the old days Grand Ave was the Real Grand Ave with all kinds of stores, way before the shopping centers were built ?

 John Yes a nice place to live but the city has gone berserk with municipal codes

 Susan The city’s finest SSFPD

 Martha Is that your City Hall? Lovely building.

 Avelino I have found memories growing up in SSF .We lived 2 blocks from Grand Ave

 Mel There’s no place like home

 Linda I used to teach English in South City. Great memories!

 Charly City of Angels yes there’s no place like home

 Veronica I moved there when I was in 6th grade and have a lot of great memories of my friends and family. Parkway, SSFHS.

Kathryn Playing on those steps!!

4 comments for “Neighbors Share Memories As South San Francisco Turns 107 years old

  1. Sally
    September 25, 2015 at 5:34 pm

    Working at Early American Paint and Varnish Co. on Victory Avenue for 28 years.
    Wonderful memories!

  2. Don Frolli
    October 1, 2015 at 9:20 am

    I moved to Westside, Serra Highlands, in 1958. Remember we had great Improvement Association with social events, meetings, and Civic participation.remember cows and farms on hills West of what is now 280.

    • Duane ward
      June 27, 2017 at 1:16 pm

      Don, are you the same SHC 1949?

  3. Kamany
    July 29, 2020 at 6:54 pm

    I worked at Big Bite 1982-1986.

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