South San Francisco District More Than Doubles its Water Reduction Requirement

South San Francisco, CA    September 30, 2015   Submitted by Leslie Arroyo, City of South San Francisco

South San Francisco residents are doing their part to conserve water and it shows. Cal Water recently reported water usage data to the State Water Resources Control Board for the South San Francisco District, which includes the City of South San Francisco. For the month of August, the South San Francisco District reduced its water consumption by 21.9 percent when compared to August 2013.


“I’m very proud of our residents and our district,” says South San Francisco Mayor Richard Garbarino. “In June, we kicked off a water saving campaign called ‘Every Drop Counts,’ and it takes a community to work together to achieve success. To see these results is proof that every drop does count.”


June marked the execution of California’s first ever mandatory conservation orders to help contribute to a cumulative statewide 25 percent reduction by February. The South San Francisco District has a cumulative water reduction requirement of eight percent, which must be met by the end of February 2016, per Governor Brown’s Executive Order. Cumulatively, for the past three months, the South San Francisco District has reduced its water use by 24 percent compared to the same period in 2013.


“We truly appreciate our customers for going above and beyond the requirements set by the State to reduce their water use during this historic drought,” says South San Francisco’s Interim District Manager Mike Utz. “As we manage through the upcoming months, we remain committed to helping our customers use water efficiently and comply with water use restrictions. We encourage our customers to contact us if they need assistance, as we have an industry-leading conservation program here to help them.”


The drought, however, is still not over and Mayor Garbarino encourages residents to keep doing what they’re doing. “Knowing we need to all work together to ensure a statewide 25 percent reduction by February, that means we still need to continue indoor and outdoor water conservation these next few months.”


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