Bomb threat at Monte Verde Elementary School currently unfounded

South San Francisco, Ca  October 27, 2015   From Monte Verde Elementary School FB pg

We are sorry to hear that many of our students did not receive the phone tree call last night around 11pm. Ms. Mirt has given me the exact message that was relayed to post for those who want to hear it. As PTA president, I try to keep you all informed of what’s happening around school. However, in this matter, I defer all questions to Ms. Mirt and/or the San Bruno Police.

The following message is an urgent notification sent on behalf of Superintendent Shawnterra Moore:

“Dear Parents,

We have recently been informed by the San Bruno Police Department that an anonymous online bomb threat was made on Monday evening at approximately 7pm. The threat indicated that an explosive had been placed at Monte Verde Elementary School for Tuesday.

In response to this threat, San Bruno Police have thoroughly inspected the Monte Verde campus, including a full bomb squad sweep protocol including a bomb squad and explosive detection canine. No explosive device or dangerous object was found after an extensive search. Police are continuing to investigate the matter and are vigilant in and around the campus and surrounding community.

Since police have determined the Monte Verde campus to be safe and clear of any potential danger, school will be open as regularly scheduled on Tuesday, October 27th. Although school will be in session, parents will be permitted to keep their children at home if desired, but must notify the school office of the absence, which will be excused.

We encourage our community to immediately notify the San Bruno Police Department with any helpful information or to report any suspicious activity at (police phone #).

Thank you”


Esther commented: Thank you for this message. Most people did not receive a call or email regarding this matter. So, thank you for posting this. Please continue to keep us updated. Most of us are wondering if this is a hoax?

Monte Verde PTA responded Tues AM: So sorry to hear that Ester. We’ve heard that many families did not receive the call. Ms. Mirt sent her message to me, and I have posted it for all to read. The phone call was not a hoax. Police are still on campus. No bomb was found however.


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