Community Preservation Task Force Takes on Cleaning Up Downtown

South San Francisco, CA    October 23, 2015

The South San Francisco Community Preservation Task Force (CPTF) has completed yet another major clean up in our Downtown area this past Saturday October 17th.

“The cleanup started at 9 am. Alleys and streets cleaned are listed as follows: Third Lane from Cypress to Maple and 4the Lane from Cypress to Spruce. Areas of Grand Avenue planter areas removed weeds, trash and cigarette butts. Third and Forth Lanes removed trash, furniture, weeds, junk and carpets dumped on the lanes. Three City parking lots were also cleaned of trash in the parking areas and weeds in the planter areas. This time we found a lot of Styrofoam on the streets and in the parking lots.” South San Francisco Safety Inspector Tom Carney reported “Our youngest volunteer was six years old and will receive a certificate service credit for hours of volunteering (school) with Mom and her brother. ”

The Community Preservation Task Force (CPTF) is a group of locals made of up residents, business folks,  and students along with some city staff with the purpose of looking out for, and cleaning up various areas of town that need some special attention.

This past event had 2 staff members from the Water Quality Plant which continue to work to reduce trash that ends up in our Colma Creek. Parking Enforcement was also on hand  to cite and move abandoned cars in the Lanes where large amount of trash had built up under the vehicles. A total of 32 large garbage bags were filled by the group equaling about 5 yards in total which was taken to the SSF Corp yard for disposal.

A very big thanks to the CPTF volunteers who made this possible. Thanks to Chief Kohlmann and Chief Da Silva for allowing & supporting this event to take place.” Carney said.

The group has been a huge success and their past efforts continue to bring benefits to the areas they have worked including Colma Creek, Winston Manor, Francisco Terrace, and other areas. For more information on this group check out the city website HERE.

The public is invited to join in on the monthly meetings which take place the 2nd Wednesday of the month for a working lunch; 11:30am – 1pm. They meet at the MSB, 33 Arroyo Drive, in the Betty Weber Room (glass room next to the atrium) The group runs under the direction of South San Francisco Fire Department and led by Safety Inspector/ K9 Coordinator Search & Rescue TOM CARNEY , who is also a resident of South City.


10.17.2015 Lanes kids n parent clean up

The youngest volunteer was 6 years old, the benefit of teaching our kids young to take care of our City- and our planet!

10.17.2015 Lanes car n debri

Debris collecting alongside abandoned cars in the Lanes

10.17.2015 Lanes weeds

Volunteers worked tirelessness cleaning up the streets of our City

10.17.2015 vehicles debri

Debris piles up alongside cars parked in the Lanes, CPTF volunteers cleaned all of this up!

10.17.2015 Lanes abandon vehicle

Parking Enforcement helped remove abandoned cars that blocked cleaning efforts.

10.17.2015 Parking lot

CPTF Volunteers cleaned up the planter area on Grand Avenue, picking up all the trash and cigarette butts.

10.17.2015 Lanes Penna

CPTF Volunteers cleaned ares in front of business in our Downtown neighborhoods.

10.17.2015 kids clean up

These kids deserve major kudos for their help taking care of our neighborhood. Thanks to their parents for teaching them young!

10.17.2015 Lanes 2

While areas in front of homes and businesses should be cleaned by residents, the extra help from our CPTF Volunteers makes a HUGE difference

10.17.2015 truck with garbage

Volunteers had 32 extra large garbage bags filled with debis, totaling 5 yards of garbage!


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