Concert in the Park Receives Praise From Near & Far

South San Francisco, Ca     October 5, 2015   Submitted by Mike Futrell, City Manager SSF

This letter came to my inbox from a delightful couple who greatly enjoyed our CONCERT IN THE PARK this weekend:

Hello Mike,

My name is Brittany Harkiewicz. my husband and I met you and your wife at the concert in the park that was hosted on Saturday. We were the couple that danced outside the beer and wine garden on the patio I just wanted to thank you so much for hosting such a fun family event. We had an incredible time, it was definitely worth the drive from Fresno. Everything about this event was just fantastic.

It was such a pleasure meeting you and your wife, and thank you for all the compliments on our dancing. We take pride in dancing together and this event was the first time we’ve danced in close to two years. I just can’t say this enough, but what a wonderful event. Thank you again, and please keep events like this coming. We would love to attend another one, or two, or three smile emoticon

I just wanted to take some time to give a little feedback, I hope you have a wonderful day and please say hello to your wife for us as well.

Brittany Harkiewicz

concert in the park 2015

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