Etiquette Reminder for Everything South City Commenters

South San Francisco, CA                 October 28, 2015 

Everything South City Friends-Etiquette Reminder:

We don’t have lots of rules & stuff about posting or commenting on our FB/ Twitter/ or Website however we are BIG on reminding our neighbors to act…. well neighborly.

We’ve had many complaints the past two weeks about comments that have come across as snarky, negative, better-than-you, mean spirited, confrontational, and so forth – which is completely opposite of why we exist…

Our mission is to hook us locals up with news & views from other locals

To those who have felt slighted, we apologize if comments were not monitored better. It’s a balancing act, when to step in and when to just let people express themselves because we can learn a lot about our neighbors just from listening.
We don’t need to agree with them, rather come away with ‘Ah!! So that’s how they think’.

And we also need to be respectful not to berate others who don’t accept our points of view – ♪ let it go, ♪♪ let it go, let it go ♪ ♫!

Please remember we’re all just trying to get by as best we can & if we can stop & help each other – so much the better.

If not, let’s just walk on by….. No harm, no foul….

For more information on our rules & regs & what we’re about please CLICK HERE

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