Letter to the Editor: The SMART VOTE is a YES VOTE ON MEASURE W!

South San Francisco, CA     October 4, 2015          Submitted by SSF Taxpayer

Of course I am voting YES on Measure W! It is the SMART thing to do! Great leaders must live in the now — with an eye on the future. We as citizens must make sure our eaders are progressive and not paralyzed. Yes, South San Francisco businesses are experiencing really good times and that is in great part because of strong leadership and a resourceful community that believes in the fact that quality of life is an ideal to be achieved, rather than a baseline state of affairs! We must pave the way for a robust future for South San Francisco. How selfish to forget that our forefathers did the very same for us, ensuring we would have a safe, clean, resilient and robust community in which to live, work, and play, in which to raise our families, and of which to be proud.

I care deeply about my family and my community and to continue to neglect the basic needs that Measure W addresses is supremely unwise, actually ignorant! As the adage goes, “It is a fool who knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.”

Measure W ensures the City’s focus remains on public safety and quality of life!

Public safety is a must! Measure W improves 911 emergency response times for police, fire safety services, neighborhood patrols, crime prevention and gang suppression programs – all without budget cuts. The funding would also afford safe recreational and educational spaces for students, including after-school and summer programs — so important in keeping kids off the streets, out of trouble, and away from gangs and drugs! Yes, cities must be safe and yes, cities must afford opportunities for economic development, job growth, and workforce housing. But SMART cities also focus on quality of life!

Quality of life includes several factors such as safe recreational and library spaces for seniors and even road repairs, for examples. For too long, we have suffered damages to our own vehicles (no small investment I am sure you’d agree) because of the South City streets in such great disrepair. Measure W improves the quality of life by maintaining our streets that are in need of over $18 million in repairs, fixing potholes and preventing further disrepair. These serious problems have been neglected far too long.

South San Francisco has a number of senior citizens and disabled citizens who deserve assistance programs. Who in their right mind would vote to deny such programs to these citizens? Measure W funds support these people who have given the best years of their lives to South City – it’s time we give back! No one has done it without the help of others. South City is resilient and robust in our outreach.

Half of the entire tax is paid for by people who do not even live in South San Francisco! Many people work here but do not live here – think biotech for example. They will pay for half of the entire tax! Why would any resident not want to vote for such a measure? Residents will NOT have to pay this sales tax on prescription drugs or groceries or auto repairs, for examples. Instead it would apply to things such as restaurant meals, office supplies, furniture, and such. This is a great opportunity for the people if this City because all of the safety initiatives and quality of life programs are LOCAL, serving citizens of South San Francisco. So we get ALL of the benefit but cover only half of the cost. Thus, if you are smart you will see the value is far greater than the cost!



–Proud Taxpaying Citizen of South San Francisco

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  1. October 4, 2015 at 12:41 pm

    For almost forty years, I’ve observed the dedication of SSF’s West Orange Library staff to make sure West Orange is “the place to go in SSF.” The creativity put forth to utilize every inch of space to better serve those community members who think of the library as their second home has been a source of pride for me as a resident and past president of The Friends of the Library. The on-going programs for special events from celebrating Mystery Writers’ Week to hands-on life-affirming projects for children to donate to charity continue to amaze me. I love our library and Measure W can pass with our support to continue enlarging the presence of this important asset of our community.
    Years ago, when the “new” Burlingame Library had major flood damage, SSF’s Friends of the Library stepped up to donate funds for refurbishing. It still takes a village to grow a healthy community! Of course, vote YES on Measure W!

  2. alana gomez
    October 4, 2015 at 5:59 pm

    Biotech buses 20K people out of here before they can shop, so when do they shop here?

    If the city wanted us to pay for a library, why didn’t it mention it in their latest flyer sent to homes?

    While on that topic how much is it costing us taxpayers for this election,polling and the hype?

  3. Susan Freeman
    October 4, 2015 at 9:14 pm

    Alana Gomez, you once again have so few facts, I suggest you schedule a face-to-face conversation with credible sources to help you better understand the realities of economic development, quality of life, standard of living, and the benefit of biotech to the people of South San Francisco.

    Also, it seems you struggle with facts about the City budget. I am most certain City officials are happy to explain to you the process, programs and projects that fall within the current balanced budget which in no way can cover the cost of these critical community services, such as public safety.

    As you should know by now this is an historic all-mail ballot for the election on November 3, 2015. It will be the first countywide all-mailed ballot election for a Consolidated Municipal, School and Special District Election due to the passage of AB 2028 in 2014. San Mateo County’s pilot program will provide a unique opportunity for all jurisdictions in our County to increase voter registration and participation while substantially REDUCING THE COSTS OF CONDUCTING LOCAL ELECTIONS. Voters will benefit by being able to vote by mail while still having polling place voting options on Election Day. There will also be one drop off location in each city beginning 28 days before an election.

    Thank you for asking! If above, you are referring to the “Measure W Flyer” and not in fact, the “South San Francisco Newsletter,” I can quote it for you below:

    YES on W ensures South San Francisco maintains rapid 911 emergency response times for
    police, fire safety services, neighborhood patrols, crime prevention and gang suppression
    programs – without worrying about public safety budget cuts.
    • YES on W improves the quality of life by maintaining our streets that are in need of over $18
    million in repairs, fixing potholes and preventing further disrepair.
    • YES on W maintains and enhances programs for senior citizens and disabled residents.
    • YES on W expands safe recreational and library spaces for seniors and students, including
    after-school and summer programs so important to keeping kids off the streets, out of trouble,
    and away from gangs and drugs!
    • YES on W keeps our taxpayer dollars LOCAL, funding OUR services and priorities! We need
    local control for local needs. Let’s keep OUR money in South San Francisco.
    • YES on W is fiscally accountable, including: Independent Citizens Oversight; no tax increases
    without voter approval; mandatory audits; and public reporting, to ensure funds are spent on
    OUR priorities.
    • Measure W is NOT a tax on your home or property and non-city residents who benefit from city
    services will share the cost of those services.

  4. Alana Gomez
    October 9, 2015 at 10:33 pm

    If everythingsouthcity would print the correct info (0.5%) about the rate of the propsed new tax, people could make an informed choice. Its half a penny sales tax, meaning the new tax starting in June 2016, would be a 9.5% on everything you buy, minus fresh groceries, Rx drugs and the tax doesn’t go on your property bill.
    Your cell phone bill fee goes up if this ridiculous tax passes. People, do not tax yourself! The city has a windfall of revenue of promised revenue. Look at all the construction going on east of 101. If you make 5 figure salary you’ll be paying more out of your smaller earnings, than someone with 6 figures.

  5. October 16, 2015 at 9:10 am

    I think disagreement and debate are good things. I think we are well served when different viewpoints are presented and then each side competes vigorously but fairly, honestly, and respectfully to recruit voters to their side.

    However, I am disturbed by the increase in the demonization that has been presented in this ballot measure campaign. The political debate, particularly among those who hide behind avatars and pseudonyms, has resulted in masses of community members who fall prey to such misleading and bombastic propaganda.

    When disagreements activate the psychology of good-versus-evil, it becomes more difficult to reach agreements that meet each side’s key interests; reasoning becomes far less responsive to facts, and combatants begin to believe that the ends justify the means. This is never acceptable. While it is certainly permissible to attack problems, it is never permissible to attack people.

    When that happens, partisans are more willing to break laws, play dirty tricks, lie, and ruin the personal lives of their opponents — all in the service of what they think is a good cause. Good people are discouraged from entering politics and public service. Good public servants are driven out of office.

    Critical thinkers check the facts, make their own decisions, give merit to another’s stand, and vote their values — not their fears. I value PUBLIC SAFETY and QUALITY OF LIFE.

    Measure W affords me the answers to my concerns for a safer South San Francisco: better 9-1-1 emergency response times, greater neighborhood police patrols, crime and gang suppression programs, and programs for seniors and disabled residents.

    These are things I value — and I am voting YES on W!

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