Letter to the Editor: Yes on Measure W

South San Francisco, CA   October 4, 2015   Submitted by Ellen Smith 

Letter to the Editor,

I am very excited about Measure W in South San Francisco and urge my fellow community members in voting Yes on Measure W.  I take my grandson to story time at the library, attend programs, and select books with him. It is a magical time that I want to support for our current and future children.


Measure W will keep our wonderful city safe and support programs that mean so much to the children, teens, and seniors in our community.  Our library is almost 50 years old, not seismically current and is bursting at the seams.  A Yes vote on Measure W will support community services and programs that make our city a great place to live, learn, raise children, and enjoy a premiere quality of life.

Yes on Measure W!

Ellen Smith

South San Francisco

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Dear Neighbor
Dear Neighbor
8 years ago

Dear Neighbor,

The pro W measure opinion has been in the front page for 4 days, and the no’s were sent to the 2nd page within 24 hrs replaced with a real estate market ad! Is this Everythingsouthcity’s version of Fair and balanced ?

The fact that a taxpayer’s association advocates for less taxes around our community should be a concern to everyone beyond SSF. Similar measure are being asked for many cities, not just SSF. San Carlos and San Mateo has requests for much smaller and for less time (1/4%).

Mark Hinkle is an advocate for low to no taxes, and his cause must resonate because Sonoma, Half Moon Bay, San Rafael, within the past year have said NO to sales taxe increases which have been half of what Measure W asks for and for merely 5 years in most cases,not 30 years.

SSF voters ultimately don’t know what the millions will be spent on, because 30 years is absolutely waaay too long to give and give and give to local leaders, to do as they please with the money and local voters feel burned,ie: school bond missmanagement.If they only wanted what Measure W requests, why didn’t they place that kind of ballot before the voters? Instead, the impartial analysis written by the city attorney says the cash is going to the General Fund, and worse, we give the OK for the city to “incur debt”. Who is going to OK that? Lets live within our means.

Marty Romero
Marty Romero
8 years ago

After reading what Mr. Hinkle was quoted as saying in the San Mateo Times, who does not live in SSF, I had to ask myself who is really being taxed and why is he getting involved? Yes, SSF residents will be taxed. More importantly, those individuals like Mr. Hinkle, who spend money in SSF, will also be taxed! Individuals from San Francisco, across the bay and up and down the peninsula, who work and shop in SSF (East of 101,the two Costco(s)… and other businesses), will be contributing part of their sales tax payments to help improve SSF. So, we should ask ourselves why as SSF voters would we say no to money that will be paid by individuals from outside of SSF This money, from individuals like Mr. Hinkle, will be used to help improve the lives of SSF residents? I say vote for what you think is best for SSF and tell Mr. Hinkle to mind his own business!!!

Susan Freeman
8 years ago

Alana Gomez – South San Francisco has a number of senior citizens and disabled citizens who deserve assistance programs. Who in their right mind would vote to deny such programs to these citizens? Measure W funds support these people who have given the best years of their lives to South City – it’s time we give back! No one has done it without the help of others. South City is resilient and robust in our outreach.

BRAVO to whomever that senior citizen is, Alana Gomez, as he/she must be well aware that half of the entire tax is paid for by people who do not even live in South San Francisco! Many people work here but do not live here – think biotech for example. They will pay for half of the entire tax! Why would any resident not want to vote for such a measure? Residents will NOT have to pay this sales tax on prescription drugs or groceries or auto repairs, for examples. Instead it would apply to things such as restaurant meals, office supplies and such. This is a great opportunity for the people if this city because all of the safety initiatives and quality of life programs are LOCAL, serving citizens of South San Francisco. So we get ALL of the benefit but cover only half of the cost. Thus, if you are smart you will see the value is far greater than the cost!

VOTE YES on Measure W!

alana gomez
alana gomez
8 years ago

A senior citizen told me once, you should never tax yourself!