Big South San Francisco Men; Biographical Sketch of Fred A. Cunningham

South San Francisco, CA  November 20, 2015  Submitted by Andy Howse Open SF Watershed

Andy Howse,  a local resident who immerses himself in our region’s interesting history, passed this tidbit onto us to share. 

South San Francisco has a reputation of getting almost everything it goes after for the reason that most of its big men are unselfishly imbued with civic pride and interest, or in the language of the streets are “live ones.” Among these “live ones” is Fred A. Cunningham, real estate dealer and trustee and formerly mayor of South San Francisco.

Mr. Cunningham is a worker for South San Francisco and the county at large. He was one of the organizers and is at present a member of the Board of Governors of the San Mateo County Development Association. He was a potent factor in the campaign for $1,250,000 good roads bonds, the lower rates fight and other undertakings of the association. In a like manner he has been one of the most active members of the South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Cunningham is engaged in the real estate and insurance business, being manager of E. E. Cunningham & Co. He is also one of the principal stockholders and a director of the Peninsula Rapid Transit Company.

Mr. Cunningham has been city trustee since 1912 and during that time he has served a term as mayor of South San Francisco.

Fred A. Cunningham was born in Falls City, Nebraska, April 6, 1872. He completed his education which was begun in the Nebraska schools at the Salina Normal School, in Kansas. Following his graduation he was in the milling business at Perry, Oklahoma where he remained ten years ago. He was married in South San Francisco in June, 1907.

As a member of the Twentieth Kansas Volunteers, Mr. Cunningham served in the Spanish-American war. He is a member of the Nelson A. Miles Camp of the Spanish War Veterans.


This article is from Access Genealogy and originated with the History of San Mateo County California.

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