City provides FREE parking for Small Business Saturday November 28th

South San Francisco, CA November 24, 2015 Submitted by Leslie Arroyo City of South San Francisco

November is National Entrepreneurship Month: Black Friday is Out. Small Business Saturday is In.

Shop local this Saturday, November 28th, and enjoy free parking in  South San Francisco

Annually, November is celebrated as National Entrepreneurship Month, a time to celebrate the smart risk takers and play makers who bravely believe in their business ideas and have the courage, grit and resilience to see them through. The City of South San Francisco is the embodiment of entrepreneurial spirit. The City’s “Founding Fathers,” spanning from the Ohlone period through incorporation, were bold and enterprising, literally putting South San Francisco, The Industrial City, on the map (and mountain)!
“South San Francisco is an entrepreneurial hotspot right now,” shares Alex Greenwood, Director of Economic and Community Development for the City of South San Francisco. “In the last six months, we’ve seen more than a dozen new local businesses open up in the downtown area.”
As the holidays approach, the largest shopping day of the year looms. This season, Black Friday is out, and Small Business Saturday is in. Celebrate the holiday by shopping local this Saturday, November 28th. Originally coined “Small Business Saturday” by American Express, this holiday is all about showing local love, and there’s lots of local love located right in South San Francisco.
The City of South San Francisco’s Parking Place Commission also wants to show its love by providing free parking to visitors on Saturday, November 28th at all one- and two-hour on-street parking meters and in the Miller Avenue Parking Garage.
An added holiday gift – there will also be free parking:
  • Saturday, December 5: all on-street parking meters on the 400 block of Grand Avenue from Maple Avenue to Walnut Avenue for the annual “Santa Comes to Town” event; and
  • Monday, December 14Sunday, January 3, 2016: all on-street parking and the Miller Avenue Parking Garage for the holiday season.
South San Francisco is a rich hub of diversified entrepreneurial activity, with 40% of growth coming from the manufacturing, healthcare, retail and hospitality and sectors.
“We’re seeing an exciting explosion in the food and restaurants sector,” continues Greenwood. “Increasingly, people are learning that South San Francisco has all of the right ingredients to start and grow exciting companies. As word gets out and more founders and entrepreneurs choose South San Francisco as their home city, growth will continue organically.”
And the word is getting out. Earlier this year, South San Francisco ranked second on the list of best places to start a business in Northern California by Nerd Wallet, a financial data analysis firm.
South San Francisco’s various City departments and County agencies strive to make the process as smooth and painless as possible, offering assistance with business planning, permitting, funding and more. For more information and support, please visit
Three Ways to Celebrate National Entrepreneurship Month

1.   Become an entrepreneur. Is it time to take the next step and turn your business idea into a reality? Visit the City’s “Grow a Business” page to learn more:

2.   Support the movement. Make an effort to support other entrepreneurs by using their services and spreading the word. Spend your money within the community – shop small.

3.   Be thankful. This holiday season, take time to give thanks to the people that helped you get where you are as an entrepreneur-friends, family, mentors, employees and, don’t forget your customers!

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