Colors of the French Flag Light Up South San Francisco’s City Hall

South San Francisco, Ca November 14, 2015  Submitted by Leslie Arroyo, City of South San FranciscoSSF logo

South San Francisco is showing its unity with the French after Friday’s terrorist attacks that left at least 128 dead and 352 injured, by lighting up City Hall with blue, representing liberty, white, representing equality, and red, representing fraternity – the meaning and symbolism of the colors of the French flag.

“There are no words that can describe the deep sympathy we have for the families in Paris and for the families all over the world affected by this tragedy,” says Mayor Rich Garbarino. “It’s important for us to show solidarity. At a time such as this, we are all French. Cowardly events such as these cut to the core of our own personal freedoms.”

This tragedy is palpable, as many from South San Francisco have traveled to Paris, or admired her from afar, as one of the world’s great cities. South San Francisco has its own ties to France, as Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port is our sister city.

“France is one of our oldest allies and today, we mourn with her, standing in unity for a free and peaceful world,” says Garbarino.

SSF City Hall Lite in Solidarity with France Photo: Sharon Ranals

SSF City Hall Lite in Solidarity with France
Photo: Sharon Ranals

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