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South San Francisco, CA       November 13, 2015        Submitted by Pacific Coast TV

By Leo Litvauctionagain

Telethon is a special event that occurs over two days. This year, it will take place on November 21st and 22nd. The program will be televised with more than 80,000 local viewers watching, even more if you count the webstreamers! Why should you partake in this special event? Here are some points about the telethon that will make you go, why not?

This is an opportunity for you to showcase who you are for a very small feat. By simply donating an auction item, you can be seen, on TV, for your product, your business, and the embodiment of your organization’s essence. The more items you donate, the more valuable airtime you will receive, making your business known not only to locals, but also to those watching from all over world, international audiences who are planning to visit the Bay Area!

Our process for this whole auction is so simple that you do not even have to leave your store to successfully make the transaction. Simply tell us what you want to donate, and we will fill out a gift certificate form for you, email the copy back, and give the original certificate to the winner of the auction item to exchange at your location. “No hassle” is an understatement. If you choose to use your own gift cards or certificates, that is perfectly fine with us. The point of this auction is to point the spotlight at you and give back to our community.

Hurry with the donations, time is running short and spots are filling up! Tell us what you want to donate, and we will handle the rest of it for you. You can put your trust in Pacific Coast Television to promote your business and make your name known all the way from Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, San Mateo and down to Pescadero!

Give Martin Anaya a call at 650-355-8001!

Help your business and community today!

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