SF State president reveals a local preference policy

South San Francisco, CA    November 12, 2015   Submitted by John Horgan  SSFUSD

For high school seniors in the South San Francisco Unified School  District (and some others), there was some encouraging _ and, perhaps, surprising _ news revealed Nov. 7 at San Francisco State University.

Dr. Leslie Wong, while addressing a gathering of older alumni, revealed that qualified students from the San Francisco Unified School District and “South San Francisco” are placed at “the front of the line” during the admissions process.

He later clarified that “South San Francisco”  referred to neighboring public school districts that are located south of San Francisco. That would include South San Francisco Unified.

Seniors who attend private and parochial high schools in San Francisco and those located south of the city were not mentioned by the president.

SF State, established in 1899, has more than 30,000 students and in excess of 200,000 alumni. Dr. Wong has been president of the school since 2012.

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