Unwanted Newspapers & Marketing Items in Your Yard

South San Francisco, CA        November 23, 2015

Neighbors are tired of unwanted newspapers and other marketing material left at their homes  Photo credit; redeyechicago

Neighbors are tired of unwanted newspapers and other marketing material left at their homes
Photo credit: redeyechicago

During the Community Meeting that was hosted by the South San Francisco Police Department last week in response to the increase of break-ins in the Buri area, Sgt Sean Curmi warned neighbors to be sure mail and newspapers are not left in the front yard. When we shared some of the safety tips on our social media some neighbors were wanting to know how to ‘opt out’ of the free local newspapers, while some were disappointed they were not receiving them.

Karen said “I’ve been trying to stop the SF Examiner newspaper throw away for years. I’ve talked to publisher and still get the paper. Anyone know what else to do?? Tired of having a paper sit out when I’m not there!!”

Lesley replied “I’m still trying to get them to deliver one!” to which a few other neighbors agreed. Laura’s concern isn’t the SF Examiner as she wrote ‘I’m trying to get the Spanish paper to stop being delivered. Good luck! Tell us how it goes!’

Rich posted “You have a better chance of pushing water up hill ! It won’t happen! Don’t waste the energy ! Just accept the things in life we can’t change.”

“It is not just the newspapers” Andy told us “What about those little bags with a rock in them that the landscape people throw at your front door? Or all the telephone books or restaurant leaflets – how do we make them stop too?”

Renee also has had no luck in stopping the throwaway paper “I have written to the Examiner and also the SSF City Manager about The Examiner littering my driveway with their advertiser every Sunday morning and have not had any luck. If anyone figures out how to get them to actually stop littering driveways I would really like to hear about it.”

Rose was empathetic saying “Sorry to hear… I was able to stop it during a vacation hold that became permanent, but I’m sure you’ve already tried that.. Here’s their “contact us” page… maybe try emailing someone higher up?! They should be concerned about this. it is a safety issue. Wonder if it’s that the delivery person is just being lazy (easier to throw at every house than to remember which houses to skip). Good luck”

Wayne’s suggestion “Try e-mailing mhiggins@sfexaminer.com It’s been 3 years, but he got the message loud and clear and we have not had one delivered since that time.”

Laura agrees “I have this same issue. I have even been seen running down the street after the person in the car throwing out the papers yelling to never put a paper in or around my house. I have complained numerous times. Explained I was feeling like I am being harassed. It will stop for a short tine but low and behold it is starting up again. It’s not only the Examiner but the Chronicle and other junk newspapers. There should be a law against this. I do not have any subscriptions to any newspapers . I am at a loss on what to do.”

South City native and Burlingame Downtown Business District President, John Kevranian, shared an article from the Mercury News relating how San Carlos residents were also battling similar issues and found some resolution when the City passed an ordinance levying fines against companies that deposit unwanted material at a person’s home after they list their home addresses in a ‘refusal of consent’ registry on the City’s website. 

This is certainly something for our own City officials to consider.

2 comments for “Unwanted Newspapers & Marketing Items in Your Yard

  1. Robin
    November 23, 2015 at 8:40 pm

    I’m from WWM & am tired of newspapers, advertisement item being left on my property! I try to pick it up asap just to through it away! We have older people, as well as youngsters. These items have caused unnecessary fall’s. Next is lawsuits!

  2. Debra Dawkins
    October 16, 2018 at 10:39 am

    Stop throwing newspapers in my driveway

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