Kaiser Permanente’s Healthier Outcomes

South San Francisco, CA                       December 1, 2015          Sponsored Ad by Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente promotes good health

Kaiser Permanente promotes good health

We believe the best way to measure quality of care is by outcomes. For example, we’ve reduced serious heart attacks by 62% among our members. Our unique approach includes:

  • Personalized care from doctors, nurses, and other caregivers that are connected to you and to each other through one of the most advanced electronic health record system available today.
  • A focus on prevention and providing the inspiration, tools, and information you need for healthier tomorrows.
  • Online tools and mobile apps that let you stay on top of your health and manage your care anytime, anywhere.
  • Research and innovation that is pioneering new ways to prevent, detect, and treat illness.

Find out more about healthier outcomes at kp.org/thrive.

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